Last month of Wood You Like's 15th anniversary!

image from woodyoulike.typepad.comYou might have guessed it already, this month - December 2018 - is the last month of our 15th Anniversary celebrations. And what a year it has been, and we're not just talking about the glorious summer weather we had month on month!

This last month you can still take advantage of the Annivesary discount, now standing at 4%.

In the New Year it will revert back to the normal discount of 2,5% - if you are a Facebook fan of our company too, you know where you can find the new code for 2019.

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Frequently mix-up: finish or maintain

Our inbox frequently received all kinds of questions, on all kinds wooden flooring subjects. Some are very good questions, others make us think not everyone has a correct understanding of the floorcovering they selected.

One question read:

can I use Saicos hard wax oil and then use Aunt Polly polishing wax

All oiled floors, not matter which brand oil had been used, can be treated with any maintenance product suitable for oiled floors, so the answer is yes. Some manufacturers of floor oils tell you you have to use only their maintenance products, but our experience tells us all (good) maintenance products - from sprays, polish and wax - can be used to keep your oiled floor healthy, beautiful and protecting it against dirt and drips.

Our answer was then followed by another question:

When I applied the Aunt Polly, can I then reseal the floor yearly with the HardWaxOil?

This is one of those questions that makes us realise that some people do not know the difference between finishing and maintenance products.

You only treat your wooden floor with a finishing product - such as Saicos HardWaxOil, or single oils - when it is brand new and unfinished OR if it floor has been sanded bare.

image from dpbfm6h358sh7.cloudfront.netA once treated floor you maintain with maintenance products, there is no need what so ever to reseal your wooden floor with another coat of oil once every year. Sellers of wooden floors or finishing materials who tell you that either do not know what they are talking about or are trying to sell you expensive oils.
Every wooden floor needs a maintenance treatment roughly twice a year, that should suffice to keep it healthy and beautiful.

So: finishing products only once (by yourself on unfinished wood or by the manufacturer when you purchase a pre-oiled floor) - maintenance products every 5 - 6 months. 

If you need more information on how to maintain your wooden floor, purchase the Ultimate Maintenance Guide in the secure webshop and you will never doubt what product to use when.

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Restore the floor

Last week we received the following question :

Having read your excellent articles, we now realise this subject is more complex than we imagined. We have a room that has a third of the (varnished?) parquet floor which is faded (see pix). We would like to know what approach to take and which of your products we need to use. Much appreciated, 


Very nice floor! Definitely worth restoring. If I was you I would sand the floor lightly to remove the varnish - or if oiled the dirt gathered over the years, happens to every floor - and then apply a clear oil finish. My guess is it is a mix of wood species or at least mainly tropical so I would go for the tropical combo!/Restoration-Pack-Tropical/p/2188285/category=594165


Hope this helps

If you have a question of your own on anything relaties to wooden flooring, its maintenance or restoration, simply use the  help button on the bottom of every page on this site 

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It's Summer time!

Enjoying the sunny weather we're having of late? I'll bet you do!

The intens sunshine however resulted in a panicky email:

"I hope you can help us. We had an Oak floor installed which was finished with UV-oil. Now with all the sunny weather of the recent weeks, the part of floor that gets the sun all afternoon long is still changing colour! How is that possible, we thought with the UV-oil the floor was protected against this???"

An UV-oil finish is quite common nowadays. but it sets most people on "the wrong foot". UV-oil means the oil in the factory has certain particles in it that assists the quick factory drying of the oil with UV-light. It does not mean your floor is now protected against the effects of the UV-light of the sun. 

Any wood floor reacts to light, by turning darker or lighter - depending on the wood-species. The best way to protect your floor (and its colour) is to shade it from intense sunlight during mid-day when the UV rays are at their strongest. Awnings, screens or even soft curtains will reduce the UV effect on your floor.

Plus, as you would (should!) do with your own skin to protect it during the most intense sunshine, you can also protect your floor - no matter if it is treated with UV-oil or not - by applying a regular maintenance regime which keeps the surface healthy and will reduce the effect of the sun's UV light.

Ecoline Pflegewachs Spray 1 GBA regular maintenance regime means nothing more than applying a polish or a wax every 5 - 6 months (do avoid treating your floor in direct sunshine, the high temperature of the surface will dry out the polish/wax too quickly and result in a patchy result).

The simplest way to treat your floor - and protect it better against the sunshine - is using Saicos EcoLine Wax-Care Spray. Simply spray it on your floor, spread it out with the polish applicator and within 10 minutes the job is done!

Treat your floor regularly, enjoy the sun - as long as it still lasts - and don't get burned!

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Special Jubilee Offer

If you have plans to install your own wooden floor, why not profit from our special Jubilee additional discount on the E-version of Wood You Like's Installation Guide: 160 pages filled with tips, advice, images, drawings and much much more.


The paperback version can still be Purchase at for around 18 pounds, the E-version has a priceticket of 12,55 but now - till the end of next month - June 2018 - with an additional 15% jubilee discount just for 10.65 pounds

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We need your help, tell us what you want to know

You might have done it already, or you might have thought about It - but do you know we receive question after question through our helpdesk (?Help) and we are always more than happy to reply with a proper answer.

Our clients have been asking questions all of the 15 years Wood You Like is in business , so often really we even could compile a real book on how to install your wooden floor (available through Amazon) or as Ebook in our own secure webshop

Wood You Like helpdeks on wooden flooringSome, if not many, questions ended up as a blogpost/article on this website - and here is where we need your help. We have been blogging since early 2006 and think in all those years we have covered almost everyhting there is to know about wooden flooring. But we can also imagine you have a problem or find yourself in a unique situation and don't know where to go for the answer. For instance the person who used our helpdesk Only last week:

"I am going to be sanding my Parquet floor in the Hall, Living & Dining room & would like to keep it as natural as possible. I have seen the Osmo PolyX Raw which looks like you put Original over the top of it. Is Osmo a good choice or should i be looking at something different? 
I would like a Satin finish when done"

To which we answered: 

"Osmo tends to colour the wood yellow much earlier than the hwo we always use: Saicos Hardwaxoil, available in 5 different sheens:.This product also dries much quicker than the Osmo
Hope this helps"

Lately we feel however we are copying posts from the past to keep you informed, where we like to add new content to our site. So, help us out and ask your question using the helpdesk function - the ?Help button can be found on every page of our site. Your question might end up helping others too when it turns into a blogpost!

P.S. If you use the helpdesk for the first time do not forget to link in the first email the helpdesk sends you, this is to confirm your emailaddress and to make sure we receive your question in our inbox .

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Question on wooden flooring, on maintenance or anything else? Wood You Like has the answer

Over the many years Wood You Like has been in business (this year already 15 years!) we must have received over 2000 questions - in our former showroom, over the phone, by email and nowadays mostly through our simple ?Help button. Many of these Frequently Asked questions we gathered together and turned them into helpful guides:

If you have a question, one of the above guides will certainly have the answer. If in those cases you have one that is not (yet) covered in one of the information guides, feel free to use the ?Help button you will find at the bottom of every page on this website (if you are using this service for the first time, be sure to click the link in the email you receive after posting your question otherwise it will not end up in our inbox)

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2nd try, Spring is slowly approaching

Sun is comingLast month we were a bit (too) optimistic about Sping arriving - just look at the weather this Easter Weekend - but.... Spring is - although slowly - definitely approaching and warmer weather will arrive shortly.

Which means, for all those with Underfloor Heating underneath their wooden floor, the heating can and will be turned down a notch of two - perhaps even more. Your wooden floor has had a true battering this long and cold Winter and beginning of Spring, so is in high need of some pampering. The heating had dried out the wood and your floor will be ever so grateful for a polish treatment.

EasymaintenanceNo matter what the finish is on your wooden floor, be it oil, wax or lacquer, all will benefit from some maintenance applied to it. And this is quite simple, splash some polish on the floor and gently spread it out with a cloth, using s Swiffer type of tool will make it even easier (using a dry cloth underneath!).

You wooden floor will gladly absorb the moisturising polish and start shining again, becoming that lovely and beautiful floor covering it was in the beginning.

So, get out the cleaning and maintenance gear and watch your wooden floor "smile" again , it will always reward you for the smallest pampering you give it. And remember, a happy floor is a long lasting floor.

In our secure webshop you will find all the products you need, from a wash to a polish and a wax.

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We spoke too early, Winter is still here!

Winter is here!

Gritting, Wood You Like floor maintenanceIn our latest newsletter we already mentioned that Spring was on its way, but that turned out to be wishfull thinking!  So, we have to repeat our wintertips once again.

'Pampering' your floor by applying a maintenance product every 5 to 6 months will keep the wood protected against dirt and drips and enhance its beauty. Special care is recommended when salt from the gritting on icy and/or snowy roads comes on your floor through wet-shoe prints. Not all entrance mats 'wipe' the bottom of your shoes completely dry. 
To prevent the salt effecting the wooden floor there are a few simple things you can do:

  • Leave shoes on the mat (or kick off your shoes on the mat and store them in a shoe cupboard - if you have such a novel item - or area that is tiled. To prevent the tiles coming dirty or smutched, put an old newspaper on the floor first).
  • Leave shoes in the porch and have slippers at the ready - warmed-up slippers is really a nice treat after a walk in the cold.
  • Wipe wet-shoe prints dry the moment you notice them so the salt doesn't get a change to effect the wood.
  • Make sure your wooden floor receives its extra TLC.
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Wood You Like . . .

"Wood You Like" to profit from our Anniversary?

"Wood You Like" to known more about maintaining your wooden floor the correct - and easieste- way?

"Wood You Like" to discover if your wooden floor canon be restored withouw sanding?

We can go on and on with this wordplay, but we also think you first want to hear the answers to the questions above, so here goes:

This year we celebrate our 15th Anniversary and we invite you to join us at the party: get your discount code in this article, learn more about maintenance her 6a00d8341c660f53ef01bb09e3bec1970d-300wie and discover if you canca restore without sanding on this page

As ever, Wood You Like: your first and foremost advisor on everything relating to quality wooden floors - at your service!


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Another Oldy in case-studies: from 2011

11 days left on the discount code for 15% discount on all your orders - during January - in our secure webshop! In February it drops to a lower discount!

In the 15 years Wood You Like is trading we have listed a large number of case-studies - the following dates from 2011 - first on our FAQ-blog - later republished in 2014 on this site:

High Praise for Saicos by DIY Grandma

DIY-ers come in all shapes and forms and ages.

Mrs M. Lewis, a grandmother from Swansea, decided in June it was high time to restore the original parquet floor in her house. Gaining knowledge about the steps to take from the "7 Easy Steps to Restore/Repair your Parquet Floor" she became confident she could do all the works herself.

When she first contacted us, the hardest part - sanding the old finish off - was already done. She just needed to know which finish would be best for her tropical floor and we advised to use the "tropical combo" from Saicos.

Saicos tropical comboSaicos doesn't call the combination of the two oil products this way, we baptised it ourselves last year when we had to look for an alternative for the thin oil (Euku oil 1) which, due to VOC regulations, was not longer being produced. Our own experience with Saicos Colour Wax Clear extra thin, followed by one coat of Saicos Premium HardWaxOil (or in lesser traffic areas with Saicos Wax-Polish) proved to us it was a very worthy if not better alternative.
(Side-note: Saicos' Colour Wax products are a thin oil and not - as the name suggests - a wax).

Tropical wood species are oily of themselves, which, when applying HardWaxOil as first coat, can result in patchy areas when the oil in the HWO can not penetrate the wood enough before the wax part of the HWO starts doing its work. Therefore it is better to apply a thin - single - oil first, which can do its work to penetrate the wood for long term protection undisturbed, followed by one coat of HardWaxOil.

Uncertainties gone

This week Mrs Lewis called us again with high praise for the "Tropical Combo". 

Well done wood you likeIt had been so easy to apply, she told us, and brought out the original grandeur of the parquet floor in no time at all.

"And it is so hardwearing! I don't have to worry about the floor when my grand children visit, it doesn't show anything at all."

One worry she did have after applying the Colour Wax Clear was the fact it seemed to dry up a bit dull, not what she had expected. But after applying the coat of HardWaxOil the sheen of the original tropical floor showed up, dissolving her fear she had not applied the first coat correctly.

"You should explain this better in your guide! You know how people are uncertain about these things, doing this for a first time, and telling them upfront what to expect takes away these uncertanties."

Point taken, Mrs Lewis.

The reason Mrs Lewis called us was one little area of the restored floor stayed dull, she thought it might have had something to do with sanding this particular area more than others - closing the grain. Should she apply a second coat of HardWaxOil there?
In these cases we recommend to treat the spot with wax or wax-polish first, 9 times out of 10 this solves the dullness and it rather quickly to do.

(Side-note: one of the advantages of using HardWaxOil over varnish/lacquer is the fact you can "repair" small areas locally without having to sand down the whole floor again. Varnish/lacquer applied only on a small area can result in a patchy appearance when new finish overlaps with old finish, this will not show when you use HWO.)

Now she experienced the great result of her first floor restoring project Mrs Lewis has changed her mind about buying new rugs to put on the floors of the bedrooms, covering the original parquet in there.

"They are too beautiful to stay covered up really and now I know how well and simple your Tropical Combo products work I'm more than confident I can bring back their grandeur too."

Who are we to argue?

In our secure webshop you will find everything you need to repair/restore your own original parquet floor too.

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How to prepare for the festivities

It's definitely December: cold, wet and windy with a sniff of snow in the air? Although it is only the beginning of the month, preparing for the festivities of the end of the month cannot start early enough!

I'm not talking about a special decorated tree - commonly know an the Christmas tree - I'm more talking about how the prepare your wonderful and beautiful wooden floor for all things to come - to it, on it etc.

No matter if your whole family comes over, or it'll be just you and a few loved ones, your floor needs to be in top condition. To shine, to sparkle and to be easily cleaned of the expected spillages without leaving a stain.

Give your floor a pre-Christmas maintenance, wash all grime and dirt from the Autumn - if there is any - off with Saicos Wash-care and treat it afterwards with a revitalising polish. We even renamed the EcoLine floor-care set (containing everything you need in one box) as "The Pre-Christmas Floor Care Set" for your conveniences.

Your floor - and your guests - will love you for it!

And in case of emergencies during the festivities - 'cause we all know beverages and perhaps even parts of the Christmas or New-Year dinner will get spilled on the floor - we added a set of polishing pads to the very easy to use Saicos EcoLine Wax-Care Spray. so you can grab the spray and simply polish the stain off your floor without disturbing your feast with a lot of upheaval. Spray and wipe is all that is needed!

So, have a very relaxed time with your beautiful wooden floor!

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Best for..

Most questions we receive start with:

"What's best for....?"

followed by their finish type or problem they have.


Therefor we listing below a whole lot of our answers to the faq:

Best for...

Well, this covers most of the frequently asked questions. Have a questions of your own - which isn't listed above - use the ?Help button you'll find at the bottom of every page of our website

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Wet and windy - autumn is here

BewolktWhen you have UnderFloor Heating (UFH) you should prepare your wooden floor for the arrival of real Autumn/Winter period now, before the true heating season starts. UFH tends to dry out the wood a bit more than on average, so treating your floor with a maintenance polish (like a moisteriser) will keep it in good health and beautiful over the colder times of the year.

It's never a good idea to apply a polish on a warm wooden surface, this can create patches of too quickly dried polish, therefore treat your wooden floor during a "sunny" day these coming weeks, before the UFH is switched on to higher levels.

To know even more about maintaining your wooden floor, have a look at the "Ultmate Maintenance Guide" - filled with practical tips and advice and includes videos showing you how to wash and wax.

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(Remember: only one week left to enter your order in the Pre-Summer Draw, the final day is 30.06.2017)

Sometimes we are truly baffled by a question:

Hi, I'm going to lay an oak wood-engineered  flooring in my hallway. I have a carpet down at the moment, which is not very thick, but has quite a smooth texture. Would I be able to lay laminate over it, and it could be used as an underlay for the wood floor?

BugsI'm afraid the answer is NO. You should never use carpet, or old carpet underlay, underneath a hard floor covering. Not only is it a different type of "underlayment" to that which you should use when installing wooden or laminate flooring, just think of all the little bugs, house mites, etc., still in the carpet or carpet underlayment. No matter how well or often you vacuum clean, they will still be there! Bugs and house mites love warm and humid conditions - so you'd be creating the perfect breeding circumstances for them.

Remove carpet and carpet underlayment, vacuum clean the bare underfloor thoroughly, and use proper underlayment especially made for wooden or laminated flooring. This will give you the best results.


Now we always answer the question, no matter how baffled we are. We know wood-flooring, its installation, finishing and caring for have others baffled too, we are here to inform and advice everyone. Have a question yourself - use the ?help button at the bottom of every page.

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