The next warm period might just be around the corner

Spring is coming, time to treat your floor

Well, Spring is on our doorstep, so high time to treat your wooden floor after this long, wet and often colt Winter.

Especially when you have underfloor heating, your floor will have dried out (a bit). But also without underfloor heating your wooden floor will definitely benefit from a maintenance treatment to keep it healthy and beautiful again.

CareKitsTreating your floor is - like all things modern - very easy, using Saicos Eco-Friendly products you will have this job done in no time at all.

Just add some Saicos Wash-Care to a bucket of water, wring out the cloth very well - wood likes water as long as it was a tree, after that be careful - and wipe the floor clean. Let is dry and then just sprinkle Saicos Wax-Care over the clean floor, wipe it out with a dry cloth and job done! For in between maintenance, say for instance when you notice a particular area is getting duller, you can use the Saicos Wax-Care Spray.

Maintenance of wooden floors no longer means having to turn your room up-side-down (or even storing your furniture in the garden). Maintenance has become very easy, why not try it yourself! Your floor will love you for it!

For you convenience you can purchase both products (Saicos Wash-Care and Saicos Wax-Care polish) in one Saicos Floor Care Set!

Ecoline Pflegeset GB


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