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December 2018

Christmas Weather forecast - it isn't white

ZonneschijnNormally around this time of year we warn you about salt from gritting icy roads etc effecting your floor and how best to protect it. Well, for Christmas 2018 we might even have a Spring feeling in the air!

Nonetheless, there is a good chance for rain during the festive season, so....

In our latest newsletter we already mentioned that wooden floors benefit from extra TLC. 'Pampering' your floor by applying a maintenance product every 5 to 6 months will keep the wood protected against dirt and drips and enhance its beauty. Special care is recommended when it rains all day and you want to take an after diner stroll. Not all entrance mats 'wipe' the bottom of your shoes completely dry.
To prevent the rain spoils effecting the wooden floor there are a few simple things you can do:

  • Leave shoes on the mat (or kick off your shoes on the mat and store them in a shoe cupboard - if you have such a novel item - or area that is tiled. To prevent the tiles coming dirty or smutched, put an old newspaper on the floor first).
  • Leave shoes in the porch and have slippers at the ready - warmed-up slippers is really a nice treat after a walk in wet weather.
  • Wipe wet-shoe prints dry the moment you notice them so the moist doesn't get a change to effect the wood.
  • Make sure your wooden floor receives its extra TLC.

And of course: have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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Last month of Wood You Like's 15th anniversary!

image from woodyoulike.typepad.comYou might have guessed it already, this month - December 2018 - is the last month of our 15th Anniversary celebrations. And what a year it has been, and we're not just talking about the glorious summer weather we had month on month!

This last month you can still take advantage of the Annivesary discount, now standing at 4%.

In the New Year it will revert back to the normal discount of 2,5% - if you are a Facebook fan of our company too, you know where you can find the new code for 2019.

If not, Like our Facebook page now so you too will receive our discounts when you order your products for your wooden floor online in our secure webshop!



Thank you for your time, do visit our Secure Webshop - all links in articles and pages are coloured red