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Wash and Go!

The above sounds like a commercial for shampoo, doesn't it? Still, it is in a twisted way true, but not to wash your hair.

We often are asked what to do with a very dull floor. When we try to establish why this wooden floor has become dull most tell us they wash the floor two or three times a month, or even more often. Now, washing your wooden floor can cause all sorts of problems if you don't take care;

  • never use too much water
  • never leave water to stand on the floor for longer than a few minutes
  • and never ever use a cleaning product diluted in the water that'll harm the floor or the coating of your floor. "Fairy" washing up liquid should only be used on your dishes, never on a wooden floor because it will remove the protective coating and make your floor dull and prone to take on stains after drips.

So, why the title of this article still mentions Wash & Go?

Wash-Care by SaicosSimple: Saicos Wash-care is a very specific cleaning product for wooden floors, no matter how they are finished (oiled/waxed or lacquered/varnished). Diluted in water it will not harm your floor (as long as you don't through a complete bucket of water with wash-care over it!). This is because the eco-friendly product contains a little bit of liquid wax that'll feed the protective layer of your wooden floor, once it is dried it does not make your floor dull. And of course, it cleans off dirt!

So, Saicos Wash-Care can be used every fortnight without a problem and helps you keep your wooden floor healthy and beautiful. Once every 5 - 6 months your floor does require a maintenance polish, such as Saicos Wax-Care or Aunt Polly's polishing Wax.

Happy cleaning, without making your wooden floor utterly dull. Simply Wash and Go.

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