Wash and Go!
Last month of Wood You Like's 15th anniversary!

It's Magic!

Perhaps you know all about Wash and Go - using Saicos Wash-Care for fortnightly cleaning which does not leave your floor dull as a result, as we explained in an earlier post this month.

In the event you hadn't cleaned your wooden floor for a long time, or you've just inherited an old original wooden floor from the previous owner of your home which is in dire need of a thorough cleaning to show you what the floor really looks like, Saicos has also a "Magical" product:

Saicos EcoLine Magic Cleanser

Simply dilute the product in water and soak your floor with it - but do not leave it longer than 15 - 20 minutes! Then remove the water and the dirt from your floor with non fluffy cloth. Your floor will look brand new!

The result after cleaning with Saicos Magic Cleanser

Nothing cleans better and more ecofriendly then Saicos Ecoline Magic Cleanser, so order your can today!

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