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Pine floor - now what?

Recently we received two - separate - questions about pine flooring:

Question 1:

The lounge is made of Douglas fir softwood, is the best thing to use for this the Saicos premium Hardwaxoil in satin-mat finish for a natural look?

Our answer:

The Douglas fir softwood floor, this might turn orange when you apply HardWaxOil. Best is to do a wet finger test to see what colour the wood turns into when a natural finish is applied (wet a small part of the floor which should be bare wood). Let me know the result.

The result:

Hi Karin. 
thanks for your speedy reply. I have done a wet finger test on the Douglas fir and it does go an orange colour. What is the best thing for us to do with this?

Restoration Pack for Pine floorsThe solution:

On pine floors we normally recommend a light stain to avoid the floor going ugly orange. Oak is the most popular stain - also by Saicos, to be followed with one coat of Saicos HardWaxOil. You can find both combined in the Pine Restoration Pack.

Question 2

Hi, we have brand new red pine very light floorboards laid in the 60s maisonette we are renovating and wanted to stain the floorboards to more of a mid oak colour but have been advised not to do this as scratches and general traffic tends to wear poorly and also when the stained (or rather wood dyed) floorboards are put under a rug and the rug is removed, there are then 2 different floor colours so not ideal. 

Is there another suggestion you would recommend and if so what would that be? we need some thing hardwearing (for a studio and an upstairs landing area). It seems that dyeing the wood is not the best solution. Please can you point me in the right direction or else suggest a wood dye matt protector layer if that exists so that the surface has a more protective layer on it without looking shiny at all....Thank you!

Our answer:

Although Pine is a softwood, a proper stain won't wear off that easily - or you have to have heavy to very heavy daily traffic on it. Or of you don't maintain your floor regularly - say once every 4 - 5 months. 
The story about the colour variations between floor areas with and without rugs is true though.

High qaulity maintenance products for wooden floorsWe can highly recommend Saicos Colour Classic - single oil in many colours such as Oak. After this (one or two coats) you have to apply Saicos Premium HardWaxOil - one coat. 
(This product comes in 4 sheens: from ultra-mat to Gloss)

And also take care of your maintenance products

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