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This month we received various questions :


I have a herringbone style parquet floor which is in need of some TLC more than anything. The wood is generally in very good condition. There are areas that are scuffed, but this appears to be more surface scuffing than anything else. I think the current protection is a varnish on the floor, as you can see some brush marks in places! What we would like to do is to remove this layer, make the finish a more natural wood finish to brighten the room up a little more if possible. There appears to be no loose tiles from what i can tell. There are some gaps in places, but nothing that is of major concern.

What would be your recommendations to bring the floor back to a decent finish without the need to sand it all back, which is a job i really want to try and avoid if possible.

Many Thanks

Our answer : 

Removing varnish without sanding might be impossible, but you could try a thorough cleaning and then applying polish.
Have a look here. 

EcolineAnother question :

we are wanting to clean up and polish our old parquet floor. we need to do so quite quickly and have hired a floor cleaner with a rotary polish clean head. what products would you recommend we buy to use ?. I thought the clean solution nd then the polish but wold like some advise. thank you 

Our answer 

Thank you for your order, for the works planned they are the correct ones. Follow the instructions on the Magic Cleanser can and you can't go wrong.

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