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We need your help, tell us what you want to know

You might have done it already, or you might have thought about It - but do you know we receive question after question through our helpdesk (?Help) and we are always more than happy to reply with a proper answer.

Our clients have been asking questions all of the 15 years Wood You Like is in business , so often really we even could compile a real book on how to install your wooden floor (available through Amazon) or as Ebook in our own secure webshop

Wood You Like helpdeks on wooden flooringSome, if not many, questions ended up as a blogpost/article on this website - and here is where we need your help. We have been blogging since early 2006 and think in all those years we have covered almost everyhting there is to know about wooden flooring. But we can also imagine you have a problem or find yourself in a unique situation and don't know where to go for the answer. For instance the person who used our helpdesk Only last week:

"I am going to be sanding my Parquet floor in the Hall, Living & Dining room & would like to keep it as natural as possible. I have seen the Osmo PolyX Raw which looks like you put Original over the top of it. Is Osmo a good choice or should i be looking at something different? 
I would like a Satin finish when done"

To which we answered: 

"Osmo tends to colour the wood yellow much earlier than the hwo we always use: Saicos Hardwaxoil, available in 5 different sheens:.This product also dries much quicker than the Osmo
Hope this helps"

Lately we feel however we are copying posts from the past to keep you informed, where we like to add new content to our site. So, help us out and ask your question using the helpdesk function - the ?Help button can be found on every page of our site. Your question might end up helping others too when it turns into a blogpost!

P.S. If you use the helpdesk for the first time do not forget to link in the first email the helpdesk sends you, this is to confirm your emailaddress and to make sure we receive your question in our inbox .

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Question on wooden flooring, on maintenance or anything else? Wood You Like has the answer

Over the many years Wood You Like has been in business (this year already 15 years!) we must have received over 2000 questions - in our former showroom, over the phone, by email and nowadays mostly through our simple ?Help button. Many of these Frequently Asked questions we gathered together and turned them into helpful guides:

If you have a question, one of the above guides will certainly have the answer. If in those cases you have one that is not (yet) covered in one of the information guides, feel free to use the ?Help button you will find at the bottom of every page on this website (if you are using this service for the first time, be sure to click the link in the email you receive after posting your question otherwise it will not end up in our inbox)

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2nd try, Spring is slowly approaching

Sun is comingLast month we were a bit (too) optimistic about Sping arriving - just look at the weather this Easter Weekend - but.... Spring is - although slowly - definitely approaching and warmer weather will arrive shortly.

Which means, for all those with Underfloor Heating underneath their wooden floor, the heating can and will be turned down a notch of two - perhaps even more. Your wooden floor has had a true battering this long and cold Winter and beginning of Spring, so is in high need of some pampering. The heating had dried out the wood and your floor will be ever so grateful for a polish treatment.

EasymaintenanceNo matter what the finish is on your wooden floor, be it oil, wax or lacquer, all will benefit from some maintenance applied to it. And this is quite simple, splash some polish on the floor and gently spread it out with a cloth, using s Swiffer type of tool will make it even easier (using a dry cloth underneath!).

You wooden floor will gladly absorb the moisturising polish and start shining again, becoming that lovely and beautiful floor covering it was in the beginning.

So, get out the cleaning and maintenance gear and watch your wooden floor "smile" again , it will always reward you for the smallest pampering you give it. And remember, a happy floor is a long lasting floor.

In our secure webshop you will find all the products you need, from a wash to a polish and a wax.

Thank you for your time, do visit our Secure Webshop - all links in articles and pages are coloured red