We spoke too early, Winter is still here!
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2nd try, Spring is slowly approaching

Sun is comingLast month we were a bit (too) optimistic about Sping arriving - just look at the weather this Easter Weekend - but.... Spring is - although slowly - definitely approaching and warmer weather will arrive shortly.

Which means, for all those with Underfloor Heating underneath their wooden floor, the heating can and will be turned down a notch of two - perhaps even more. Your wooden floor has had a true battering this long and cold Winter and beginning of Spring, so is in high need of some pampering. The heating had dried out the wood and your floor will be ever so grateful for a polish treatment.

EasymaintenanceNo matter what the finish is on your wooden floor, be it oil, wax or lacquer, all will benefit from some maintenance applied to it. And this is quite simple, splash some polish on the floor and gently spread it out with a cloth, using s Swiffer type of tool will make it even easier (using a dry cloth underneath!).

You wooden floor will gladly absorb the moisturising polish and start shining again, becoming that lovely and beautiful floor covering it was in the beginning.

So, get out the cleaning and maintenance gear and watch your wooden floor "smile" again , it will always reward you for the smallest pampering you give it. And remember, a happy floor is a long lasting floor.

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