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Celebrate with us!

In 2018 we are celebrating our 15th! anniversary - with a counting down discount code for all of our fans:

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Another Oldy in case-studies: from 2011

11 days left on the discount code for 15% discount on all your orders - during January - in our secure webshop! In February it drops to a lower discount!

In the 15 years Wood You Like is trading we have listed a large number of case-studies - the following dates from 2011 - first on our FAQ-blog - later republished in 2014 on this site:

High Praise for Saicos by DIY Grandma

DIY-ers come in all shapes and forms and ages.

Mrs M. Lewis, a grandmother from Swansea, decided in June it was high time to restore the original parquet floor in her house. Gaining knowledge about the steps to take from the "7 Easy Steps to Restore/Repair your Parquet Floor" she became confident she could do all the works herself.

When she first contacted us, the hardest part - sanding the old finish off - was already done. She just needed to know which finish would be best for her tropical floor and we advised to use the "tropical combo" from Saicos.

Saicos tropical comboSaicos doesn't call the combination of the two oil products this way, we baptised it ourselves last year when we had to look for an alternative for the thin oil (Euku oil 1) which, due to VOC regulations, was not longer being produced. Our own experience with Saicos Colour Wax Clear extra thin, followed by one coat of Saicos Premium HardWaxOil (or in lesser traffic areas with Saicos Wax-Polish) proved to us it was a very worthy if not better alternative.
(Side-note: Saicos' Colour Wax products are a thin oil and not - as the name suggests - a wax).

Tropical wood species are oily of themselves, which, when applying HardWaxOil as first coat, can result in patchy areas when the oil in the HWO can not penetrate the wood enough before the wax part of the HWO starts doing its work. Therefore it is better to apply a thin - single - oil first, which can do its work to penetrate the wood for long term protection undisturbed, followed by one coat of HardWaxOil.

Uncertainties gone

This week Mrs Lewis called us again with high praise for the "Tropical Combo". 

Well done wood you likeIt had been so easy to apply, she told us, and brought out the original grandeur of the parquet floor in no time at all.

"And it is so hardwearing! I don't have to worry about the floor when my grand children visit, it doesn't show anything at all."

One worry she did have after applying the Colour Wax Clear was the fact it seemed to dry up a bit dull, not what she had expected. But after applying the coat of HardWaxOil the sheen of the original tropical floor showed up, dissolving her fear she had not applied the first coat correctly.

"You should explain this better in your guide! You know how people are uncertain about these things, doing this for a first time, and telling them upfront what to expect takes away these uncertanties."

Point taken, Mrs Lewis.

The reason Mrs Lewis called us was one little area of the restored floor stayed dull, she thought it might have had something to do with sanding this particular area more than others - closing the grain. Should she apply a second coat of HardWaxOil there?
In these cases we recommend to treat the spot with wax or wax-polish first, 9 times out of 10 this solves the dullness and it rather quickly to do.

(Side-note: one of the advantages of using HardWaxOil over varnish/lacquer is the fact you can "repair" small areas locally without having to sand down the whole floor again. Varnish/lacquer applied only on a small area can result in a patchy appearance when new finish overlaps with old finish, this will not show when you use HWO.)

Now she experienced the great result of her first floor restoring project Mrs Lewis has changed her mind about buying new rugs to put on the floors of the bedrooms, covering the original parquet in there.

"They are too beautiful to stay covered up really and now I know how well and simple your Tropical Combo products work I'm more than confident I can bring back their grandeur too."

Who are we to argue?

In our secure webshop you will find everything you need to repair/restore your own original parquet floor too.

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First ever blogpost dates from 2006

Way before we at Wood You Like started with the blogplatform we are still using, the first post was created and (still) hosted on Blogger.

It details a case-study by hand of our many DIY customers:

Case-study: Duoplank on Underfloor Heating

As self-builders, we are very involved in specifying the materials used in our house.  We wanted the look and feel of real oak planks but without too many of the difficulties associated with the shrinkage of natural oak.  We quickly identified the Duoplank product through its UK distributor Wood-You-Like in Kent. This is an Engineered Board made with a wide top solid layer of natural oak and a high-quality birch ply substrate, critical to us because we were installing on concrete with UFH embedded in the floor.
We visited the showroom near Ashford and received plenty of good advice from theRural Berskhirecompany and felt we were dealing with people who actually installed the product, as well as supply them. 
From the wide range of oak qualities available we selected the 'Rustic' range as being closest to the effect we sought to create in our new-build, which is a Georgian-style farmhouse of brick and tile exterior.

Installing the product was easier than we expected, the longest task being the selecting and cutting of the planks.  As we tackled each room, we initially placed them in position 'dry' on the floor to check for colour-match and fit.  The planks slot together using a tongue-and-groove formation.  The Duoplank manufacturer had taken care to chamfer the bottom edges of the planking, avoiding any chance of surplus glue seeping into the tongue-and-grooves.  We used a chop-saw to cut each edging plank to length.  This made light work of the cutting task; the engineered product seems as dense as working with solid oak. We glued the rows of board to the floor, three or four at a time.  ........

Read the whole store here at the old Blogger site 

This recap is part of our 15th Anniversary - share in the fun of our birthday and get 15% discount on  your next order in our secure webshop using code WYL15YRS during checkout!

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Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Wood You Like

A very happy New Year to all of our clients, we at Wood You Like wish you and your loved ones good health and a prosperous 2018.

1079611This year we want to celebrate our 15th anniversary without you. Time seems to have flown and we often wonder were all the years have gone?? It feels like only yesterday we started our specialised wooden flooring company from our home in Charing Kent, or only yesterday we opened our showroom in the same village - but that really happened twelve years ago! Where has all that time in between gone?

Oh well, lets just start the "party" and we'll reminisce in a future blogpost about all our - and perhaps your - adventures. 

This Anniversary year starts off with a celebration discount of 15% - yes, you read this correctly, 15% ! - on orders in our secure webshop, you can find the discount code on our "Fans Only Offers" (or on the infopage) page on Facebook, which details everything you need to know about this special offer

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