Happy Holidays and Long Live Us!
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Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Wood You Like

A very happy New Year to all of our clients, we at Wood You Like wish you and your loved ones good health and a prosperous 2018.

1079611This year we want to celebrate our 15th anniversary without you. Time seems to have flown and we often wonder were all the years have gone?? It feels like only yesterday we started our specialised wooden flooring company from our home in Charing Kent, or only yesterday we opened our showroom in the same village - but that really happened twelve years ago! Where has all that time in between gone?

Oh well, lets just start the "party" and we'll reminisce in a future blogpost about all our - and perhaps your - adventures. 

This Anniversary year starts off with a celebration discount of 15% - yes, you read this correctly, 15% ! - on orders in our secure webshop, you can find the discount code on our "Fans Only Offers" (or on the infopage) page on Facebook, which details everything you need to know about this special offer

Thank you for your time, do visit our Secure Webshop - all links in articles and pages are coloured red

Celebrate our 15th Anniversary with us - see our Special Blogpost page for your discount!


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