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Happy Holidays and Long Live Us!

How to prepare for the festivities

It's definitely December: cold, wet and windy with a sniff of snow in the air? Although it is only the beginning of the month, preparing for the festivities of the end of the month cannot start early enough!

I'm not talking about a special decorated tree - commonly know an the Christmas tree - I'm more talking about how the prepare your wonderful and beautiful wooden floor for all things to come - to it, on it etc.

No matter if your whole family comes over, or it'll be just you and a few loved ones, your floor needs to be in top condition. To shine, to sparkle and to be easily cleaned of the expected spillages without leaving a stain.

Give your floor a pre-Christmas maintenance, wash all grime and dirt from the Autumn - if there is any - off with Saicos Wash-care and treat it afterwards with a revitalising polish. We even renamed the EcoLine floor-care set (containing everything you need in one box) as "The Pre-Christmas Floor Care Set" for your conveniences.

Your floor - and your guests - will love you for it!

And in case of emergencies during the festivities - 'cause we all know beverages and perhaps even parts of the Christmas or New-Year dinner will get spilled on the floor - we added a set of polishing pads to the very easy to use Saicos EcoLine Wax-Care Spray. so you can grab the spray and simply polish the stain off your floor without disturbing your feast with a lot of upheaval. Spray and wipe is all that is needed!

So, have a very relaxed time with your beautiful wooden floor!

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