Do not use Ammonium to clean your Oak floor
How a timely post saved the day - and the mosaic

New client as happy as

We recently received a call for help from a new home owner, she had bought a lovely home from an elderly couple who'd moved to a smaller house. The one item she really loved, and clinged the deal, was the tropical herringbone floor in the living area.

But now she'd encountered a problem, the floor was not a varnished one as she'd expected - having discovered an open tin of old-fashion wax in one of the cupboards. She told me she really didn't have time to go on her hand and knees every month to apply the wax. Could she not just sand the whole floor, varnish it and be done with it?

I had to disappoint her: contrary to common belief a varnished floor also needs regular maintenance to keep it healthy and beautiful, but the main issue here was the fact that an waxed floor - no matter if you sand it thoroughly - will not take any varnish or lacquer, it will simply flake off.

But.... maintaining an oiled or wax floor no longer requires hand and knees work, that's something from the olden days. With modern care products it is as simple as taking a walk in the park. Specially with the wax-care spray it will only take you 10 to 15 minutes tops! And is only needed every 5 to 6 months! 

224017190The lady, still rather reluctantly, ordered one spray and, surprise surprise, called back a week later to tell me she's as happy as Larry. The floor looks lovely without any hard labour - it worked right as I told her.

Glad to gave been of service! And the old tin of wax? That was given to a neighbour who owned an antique furniture shop. They are as happy as Larry too! 

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