New client as happy as
Wet and windy - autumn is here

How a timely post saved the day - and the mosaic

Remember the last post - about a new client being as happy as Larry, due to our advice? That resulted in a lovely email from another new client:

Oldschool"Thank heaven for your recent post! My partner and I bought an old schoolhouse, complete with this old-fashion oak mosaic floor. The plan was to restore this by sanding and then applying a new finish, only to discover that sanding was definitely out of the question once we found out the old caretakers had applied wax on it year after year after year! - We did try a small part of the floor with a sander, but that turned out an absolute nightmare, we seemed to spread the old wax - warmed by the sanding paper - everywhere!

I was really about to chuck the whole floor in - or out in this case - when I stumbled upon your post. Like your other client, I do not have time - or desire - to go on my hands and knees every month to maintain this lovely floor. So imagine how happy I was reading about this simple method to keep my waxed floor still beautiful and lovely as it is."

Glad - again - to have been of service!

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