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Small Talk

Below you'll find some of the (very) short questions we also receive through our ?Help desk.

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So, here we go: small talk.

Buffingblock: Is this item no longer available in the UK? Thank you.

Not sure, but since we were a long time the only sellers I do think so - our supplier has (unfortunately) discontinued this product

I'm interested in the coloured waxes for untreated furniture.

The classic oils will be wonderful on any unfinished wooden furniture. The wood needs to be grease free and dry.  All you need to do is pick your favourite colour

Can you recommend a filler that i can purchase from a shop such as homebase, b&q, wickes or screwfix?

Why? Is the product we sell not good enough for you?

hi there - just wondering what the difference is between the Wax Ecoline spray and the wax polish, both by Saicos? Many thanks

Main difference: polish can only be used on oiled/waxed floors, spray can be used on any finish.

Help! My husband spilled some varnish (the sort of hard clear stuff used for craft projects) onto the parquet floor. How can I get it off?

Let it dry completely, then remove as much as you can with white-spirit. Afterwards treat the floor with wax polish

I'm going to belt sand our "5 fingered parquet" kitchen floor. It is not a big floor space but it's looking a bit patchy and faded in parts.  Can you advise the best grit belts to use?

You could start with grit 60, if that doesn't get rid of all the finish, use grit 40.
For the second sanding round, use grit 80 and then, depending on the finish you planned, use grit 120 for third sanding if you finish with oil - don't go above this grit for oil/wax finish - or 150 if you plan to varnish/lacquer the floor

going to renovate 60`s parquet flooring, should i fill the gaps with the saw dust and resin or will this crack and look worse?

Only fill if you sand the floor - use the saw-dust of the second sanding and with the third sanding you can remove the excess filler

My floor was laid a few months ago now I have gaps. It is an 18mm solid oak wood that was floated on a fibreboard underlay by glueing the tongue and grove what can I to rectify this issue.

Installed before Winter? Wait until Spring really gets going, the central heating is turned down and the humidity increases.

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Ingrained dirt

We recently received a question by ways of a specially made video - that's a first for us. The video showed a still lovely Oak wood-engineered floor, neatly maintained. The problem was that in a high traffic area the pronounced grain started to turn dark, and as the title of this post already indicates this is known as ingrained dirt.


The question was: how to restore this part of the floor so it resembles the beautiful other parts of the floor.

We recommend to use Saicos Magic Cleanser for a thorough cleaning/removal of the dirt, then to apply Wax-Care Polish (or if needed/wanted, one coat of Saicos Premium HardWaxOil), followed by a maintenance regime of a polish - in the high traffic areas - every 3 months.

For the other parts the regular maintenance of once every 5 - 6 months should continue, where we also recommended that the whole floor should be cleaned - with Saicos Wash-care - every 2 - 3 weeks.

 As you can see on the above picture, it is worthwhile to regularly clean and maintain any wooden floor.

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