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Time to care for your wooden garden furniture

Well, Winter time is here again, and any hope on an Indian Summer has (mostly) evaporated. Although you can never be sure, remember the first weekend of November last year? Almost "tropical" it was.

But, better safe than sorry. If you are the proud owner of wooden garden furniture it is high time to take a proper look at it before you store it away for next year.

  • Is it dirty or stained?
  • Has it become dull and listless?
  • Is it greying (too) much

All of the above can be solved with Saicos Furniture Care Set.

  • With the SAICOS WOOD BRIGHTENER and DEGRAYER is an easy to use, highly effective special liquid detergent to clean and refreshen greyed, unattractive looking exterior wood surfaces without sanding.
    The original colour of the wood will appear again.
  • Followed by a special Teak Oil to protect your furniture for a long time
  • The set also contains a brush, application cloths and a cleaning pad.
  • Everything you need in one pack

Saicos Furniture Care Set

Like your wooden floor, your wooden garden furniture will stay beautiful and healthy a much longer time when you regularly care for it.

For other outside wood, check out the special category Exterior Wood Care

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The don't and do's this coming season

The sun is out when I'm typing this, finally after many overcasted days lately. There is one thing we can be sure off: Autumn is definitely here and Winter is approaching. To keep your wooden floor beautiful and healthy this coming season a few tips for you:

Don't simply wash your floor with water.
Rainy days can give you muddy footprints on your floor, cleaning your wooden floor with just water will make it dull and could erase the protective sealing of the polish you applied on it.

Do use a special wood cleaning product (diluted in water) to regularly clean your floor from dirt and muddy footprints. Saicos EcoLine Washcare contains a little bit of revitalising wax which will bring back the lustre of your wooden floor. It also contains a VOC-free soft detergent, removing dirt and mud.
One can of Washcare - diluted - covers appr 1000 sq meters!

Ecoline Wash Care

Don't worry too much about little gaps appearing this season. It is the "heating" season after all, where the central heating will dry out the air more than during Summer, late Spring and early Autumn. Because wood reacts to the air humidity it will release excess moist and could shrink a little bit. Nothing to worry about, it will expand again when the heating season ends.

Do keep an eye on the air humidity in your home, not just for your wooden floor but also for your own health. Like your floor, dry air effects your skin and can make it dry. You can protect the dryness of your skin with moisturising crème, and the health of your floor with a polish. For both lacquered and oiled floors there is the easy to use Saicos EcoLine Wax Care Spray - covers 100 sq meters - and if you have an oiled floor you can also opt for the Saicos EcoLine Wax Care Polish - also covers 100 sq meters.
Both products can be applied every 3 - 4 months, so treat your floor now and it will keep its moist better and shrinking could be prevented or be less.

Ecoline Wax Care Spray  Saicos Wax Care Polish

Don't walk in grit. In the event it starts snowing this Winter and the gritters will be out and about, be careful to not to get the grit - containing salt and possibly chemicals - into your home and on to your floor. This will react with the polish and even with the wood itself, resulting in stains - which are hard to get rid off.

Do place a entrance mat on both sides of the outside doors to wipe your shoes/boots off before entering your home and wooden floors. Best is to remove your shoes/boots after entering and prevent any residue grit getting in the house. What would be nicer coming in from the cold to ease your cold feet in warm slippers!

Just a few simple tips to keep your wooden floor beautiful and healthy the coming months. It is easier than you think. Order your maintenance products now and prevent any (slight) damage to the finishing layer and your wood floor.


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What will happen if

Weekly we receive various questions (have a question yourself, use the ?HELP button at the bottom of every page), this week two of them were kind of hypothetical questions.

The first one centres around the natural colour of the wooden floor:

I've just sanded my parquet floor and it looks really nice, I love the pale colour it has now. What will happen if I leave it just like this and won't treat it with any finish?

Well, for one thing, this pale colour will eventually fade. Every sanded/bare wood will mature over time, some tropical species it is a matter of weeks, Oak will take around 1.5 - 2 years to get its characteristic honey colour.
spillages on wooden floorsFor another thing, long before the wood has matured it will be very dirty and stained. You'll walk in city and/or country dust from outside which will cover your floor - especially those areas which will receive the most "traffic". Dusting or vacuum cleaning daily could help, but will not prevent stains. Human beings are prone to stain: coffee, tea, soup, pasta-sauce, beer, red wine - nothing can prevent us from spilling some of it. Plus, don't forget muddy paws from your pets! And because your floor is not protected, any spillage will stain your floor.

So, not treating your floor at all will only give you this pale and wonderful stainless surface for a very short time I'm afraid. However, there are some products around that'll help you keep a paler look for the longest time (but eventually the maturing of the wood will win).

  • Solution one: Saicos Premium HardWaxOil contains fewer linseed oil than other brands, enlarging the time to mature.
  • Solution two: one of the sheens available with Saicos Premium HardWaxOil is the Pure sheen. This sheen is created especially to enlarge the time until maturing even further, plus gives your floor an even paler shade than the other 4 sheens of Saicos HardWaxOil.
  • Solution three - which gives you the best (longest) result but takes a bit more work: Aunt Poly's Polishing Wax Ivory White, which will give your floor a transparent finish and will, just like Saicos HardWaxOil, enlarge the time to maturing. To fully protect your wood floor against dirt, drips and spillages it will take a few coats of the Ivory White polishing wax so instead of within one day with Saicos HardWaxOil, it might take over two days to finish your floor.

Another hypothetical question also related to a just sanded parquet floor:

What will happen with my floor if the wood-filler I use is of a different brand than my finishing product, which are your Saicos Tropical Combo products

As long as you sand the floor again - with grit 120, not higher because that'll close up the grain - to remove all the excess filler, you can safely use the Saicos Tropical Combo.

Have a question yourself? Use the ?HELP button at the bottom of every page and we will do our best to answer as soon and as best as we can. If this is would be the first time you use this button, keep an eye out for the email confirmation email and click on the provided link  - otherwise your question will not reach our inbox!

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Focussing on simplicity

A great innovation by Saicos Coating Systems

1 ltr Spray

Saicos VOC free maintenance spray for all wooden floors, at Wood You Like

Saicos Wax Care EcoLine (VOC free) is now available in the most easy to use container: 1 ltr spray.

The easy care of wooden flooring has just become even easier. The nozzle sprays a thin "rain" of maintenance product on the floor, spreads out wide enough to be very economical in use and produces a thin layer which is gently rubbed in with a polish applicator.

AND..... it is suitable for both oiled and lacquered/varnished floors, just like the Saicos Wash-Care is.

Finally a product range where two maintenance care products can be used on any wooden floor.

Order it now in our secure webshop, and make maintaining your floor even easier

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