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What to use instead of.....

For years we at Wood You Like carried the PowerWax - a hard wax maintenance product - by Lecol, which is an "old-fashioned" maintenance product suitable for oiled floors. However, since middle last year, we had to abandon this product due to logistics and higher shipping fees.

So, what to use instead?

Basin Tante Polly_2.5
Aunt Polly Polishing Wax in 1 ltr tins (10 - 20 sq m coverage)

Well, we can highly recommend "Aunt Polly's" (Tante Polly) polishing wax - a paste based on the original recipe of Aunt Polly from Wales.

Because it is a paste and not a hard wax, it is easier to apply and to spread out. It works as well as the PowerWax, with high protective ability against dirt, drips and stains. It is a mix of bee-wax and fossil plant wax - highly natural!

Aunt Polly - sold in the 1 ltr tins - is available in 3 "colours":

  1. Traditional Yellow - THE maintenance product for all oiled wooden floors (and furniture!)
  2. Ivory White - to treat unfinished wooden floors (and furniture) and will act as an almost transparent finish (it does take a few coats for the product to become moist repellent). Ideal for restoration works
  3. Dark Brown - to revitalise dark stained wooden floors which have faded over time. 

You can buff the floor to get an even better result, why not take a look at the cast iron buffing block also when you order your Aunt Polly.

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Gaps? Not to worry (much)

It's that time of the year again: gaps appearing in floorboards

In this period our web site is being found by a lot by people "Googling" on: floorboard gap; floorboard gap filler; gaps in floorboards, etc.
We "wood like" to explain that in this time of the year and with this weather that gaps appearing in floorboards is pretty usual. We keep track of the air humidity in our house on a daily basis and during the end of winter it can drop as low as 35 - 40%

Wood is a product of nature and will react to changes in air humidity, or - as is in many cases the cause - if you have underfloor heating your wood will have had exposure to this "heat"form the whole of the winter and will have released its natural water in the fibres and might now created gaps. This will happen more often with floor on UFH which are installed floating, with floor fully bonded to the subfloor with flexible adhesive, the adhesive will act as a kind of break on the natural movement.

Gaps now are nine times out of ten not an installation or product fault - as some think - but the natural reaction of your product of nature to.... nature.

Can you prevent these gaps? A bit, by making sure your wooden floor is healthy and maintained properly - maintenance products will keep your floor from losing excessive moist, therefore it is best to apply some polish more often in Winter than during Summer and beginning Autumn. But don't over do this, you might end up with a sticky mess.

Will these gaps disappear? Yes, when your UFH system is turned down again - later this Spring - and/or the air humidity will increase again, then your floor will start to absorb moist from the air again to gain its equilibrium again.

So, don't worry (too) much is your wooden floor starts showing some gaps, it is Nature at Work ;-)

Did you know moss balls are supposed to attract luck and love? (image from Nature at Work Pinterest)

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Colour "Wax" Classic, for if you want something different

Saicos Colour Wax Classic, natural finish for wooden flooring and furniture

Natural finish, based on vegatable oils and waxes, for all interior wood:

  • coloured ground coat for wooden and cork floors - to be finished with SAICOS HARDWAX-OIL
  • wall and ceiling panelling
  • doors
  • mouldings
  • furniture (excellent for furniture restoration)

SAICOS COLOUR WAX CLASSIC is available colourless as well as in the natural shades of the most frequently used wood species - plus some differing colour shades which - with also one coat only - will make the treated wood look like “naturally grown coloured“. This offers a great variety of designs, not only for furniture and panellings, but also for wooden floors.
The colourshade White is available “transparent“ and “opaque“.

All available colours in the Saicos Colour Wax Classic Range

Drying approx. 8 hrs (depending on temperature and air humidity).
Dust-dry after approx. 4 hrs.

After treatment on wooden floors, apply one coat of the quick drying Saicos HardWaxOil (available in 4 sheens)

For furniture, especially hard used work and table tops, a second coat is also recommended
For all hard and precious woods Ground Oil extra thin is recommended for easier penetration.

For panellings on walls and ceilings one coat will normally be sufficient (except opaque white = 2 coats).
The satin mat surface can be polished for a more satin sheen after drying.
If for coloured treatments a deeper (semi opaque) colour shade is desired, apply a second coat after drying.

Transparent colours will be particularly even and beautful if applied over a ground coat of GROUND OIL EXTRA THIN.

Tin sizes and coverage:
0.75 ltr = 16 sqm 1 coat (10 sq m 2 coats)
2.5 ltr = 53 sq m 1 coat (33 sq m 2 coats)

Saicos Colour Wax is produced in accordance with the latest scientific researches regarding the best treatment of wood.
It is a professional and easy-care natural wax finish for all interior wood, environmentally friendly and complying with the natural demands of wood. It is based on natural raw materials, is moisture regulating and allows the wood to breathe (like the human skin). The wood retains its natural beauty.

Environmentally friendly - no biocides - no preservatives - safe for children's toys

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Can I just clean an unsealed floor?

Recently we received the following question (use the ?Help button below if you have a question yourself):

I have inherited, and am living in, a house built in the 1950's that has unsealed oak parquet floors. The previous owner told me that the floors cannot be cleaned except for vacuuming and sweeping. I cannot believe that is true. How can I appropriately clean these oak floors, on which people have walked for years? I am not in a position to have the floors refinished...I just want to clean them safely.

Our reply:

Wet-fingerFirst of all I think you should check if your floor is really untreated as stated by the former owner. Best way to do this is to wet a small place (with a bit of water) and see if the colour of the wood gets much darker. If so, then it is untreated; if not then there has been a finished applied.

Any way, for thorough cleaning to remove all the old dirt as best as possible in one go I can highly recommend Saicos Magic Cleaner After you've done this you should then treat the floor with a maintenance product, to avoid that spills etc create stains (especially if the floor is untreated after all). 

Following this first treatment, you can then clean the floor every two weeks with Saicos Wash-Care and once every 4 - 5 months with the maintenance spray. 

All three products are also combined in the EcoLince cleaning set.

EcoLine Cleaning Kit for all floor finish types

As it turned out, the floor mentioned in the question was finished after all, the wet test did not discolour the floor.
If in your own case it does colour darker, then it could be that either the floor was never treated or the finish has been completely gone (this can happen with lacquered floors which have not been maintained over the years). Best solution - without the need to sand it down - is to clean the floor thoroughly with the Saicos Magic Cleanser, followed by one or two coats of Saicos Premium HardWaxOil. For this we also created a care/repair kit: the Intensive Cleaning/Repair Kit, containing all the products you need to get your floor in a better and healthy condition

Intensive Cleaning/Repair Kit for oil floors

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