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To sand a parquet floor (be it herringbone or mosaic) which type of sander is best?

Question asked on Wood You Like's Facebook Page:

To sand a parquet floor (be it herringbone or mosaic) which type of sander is best?

  1. continuous Belt Sander
  2. Drum sander (with sheets of paper)
  3. Handheld sander

and the answer is:


Option 1, most often.

A continuous Belt Sander is: heavy enough to remove any old varnish or other finish from your original parquet floor, and - due to the continuous sanding paper around the Belt - will give you a smooth result.


There are hire centres that do do this big machines, if not available in your area it might even be worth to contact a local floor restore company to see if they can help out (hiring their team and getting a professional result is always worth more than ruining your floor with the wrong DIY tool).

Depending on the state of the floor and the type of existing finish (for old wax layers, remove these with a wax-remover product first before you start sanding) it's best to start with grit 40 or 60.
The Belt Sander comes equipped with a large collecting bag, remove the sand dust after the first full sanding round. If the plan is to use a special wood-filler mixed with sand dust, this dust has to be clean, so never use sand dust from the first sanding!

The risk of shatter marks


The biggest problem with option 2 - a Drum sander - is the metal rod that keeps your sanding paper pressed against the drum. Especially with the coarse grits (40 or 60) this can be difficult.
If the paper is not really flush, the metal rod will "shatter" your floor instead of the sanding paper removing the existing finish. And the shatter marks will definitely show as indentation lines on your floor.

Plus, more often than not, a standard Drum sander most hire centres have available are not heavy enough to do a job like this. A proper (professional) sander machine is at least 65 kg, most Drum sanders are around 40 - 45 kg.

Hand held?

If nothing else is available and the area you need to sand is rather small, a decent hand held sander could be your solution. Here the problem might be the "pressure" you have to apply manually to the floor has to be as stable as possible - plus it can take a while before the existing finish has shifted.

For the best finishes

In our secure webshop you'll find the best oil finishes for any wooden floor - select your own choice of sheen of the Saicos Premium HardWaxOil and finish your Oak floor in one day; select the Tropical Combo if your floor is of tropical wood; prevent Pine turning orange by applying Colour Oil Oak first, followed by one coat of Saicos HardWaxOil

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Tropical wood deserves tropical combo

When you have a parquet floor - a valuable floor on its own - made from tropical wood species, the colours often take your breath away. These species come in a multitude of colours, from soft brown, vibrant red to a complete mixture containing yellow end even green.

New samplesDiscovering such a floor underneath carpets is a great find and deserves your attention to restore and/or to revitalise. When your floor is bare (either you've sanded it down yourself or there is absolutely no trace of a finish any longer), the best way to bring out its natural varied colours is to treat it with the "tropical combo" - the name we've given the two natural oils that'll give you the best result.

The first oil to apply is Saicos Ground Oil Clear (extra thin) - because a tropical floor is "oily" of itself, applying a first coat of HardWaxOil tends to give a patchy result, due to the fact the wax in the product acts too quickly before the oil in the product has had time to penetrated the "oily" surface.
The thin oil - on its own - has plenty of time to do this and will give your floor its long term protection.

Once this oil has dried, you apply one thin coat of Saicos Premium HardWaxOil - in the sheen of your choice: ultra-mat, mat, satin-mat or high gloss. This quick drying product will produce your wear and tear layer, protecting your floor against stains from drips and spillages.

The new video below shows you how easy both products are applied (and if you don't have a buffing machine to help spread out the products better and more evenly, a none-fluffy cloth will do the same).

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The best finish for tropical wood-species

Kambala/Iroco mosaic floor will love Euku Oil finish: done in half a day! The most popular wood type in the UK is still Oak, however there is plenty of choice in warm tropical species to create an unique interior design in your home. Existing rediscovered wooden floors like mosaic and design parquet are mostly made from tropical wood-species.

On unfinished Oak floors HardWaxOil is a great finishing product, combining two essential products: oil for long term protection and wax for your wear and tear layer, in one product.

Tropical species are more 'oily' on their own than Oak and frequently we hear stories about 'patchy' results when these floors are treated with HardWaxOil. This occurs when the HardWaxOil is not absorbed completely or evenly everywhere because of the 'oily' character of the wood itself.  

Wood You Like introduces the solution for this problem:
Saicos Ground Oil Extra thin combined with Saicos Premiumd HardWaxOil.
In fact, it's going 'back' to the old principle of first sealing the floor and then applying a separate wear and tear layer. With one big difference: the old sealers contained too many VOC's - Volatile Organic Compounds, toxic.  

Ground Oil Extra thin doesn't and neither does the HardWaxOil. You only have to apply 1 coat of oil, wait 2 -3 hours - way quicker too than with a first coat of HardWaxOil on tropical floors - and then apply the HardWaxOil. 

A great finish to any tropical hardwood floor! So we combined the two products in one item: Tropical Combo

Order on-line now!

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Three things DIY-stores won't tell you about


Purchasing wooden flooring at one of the DIY chains seems to have one big advantage: lower prices - mainly with special offers (offers frequently and often going on and on and on).

But there are at least 3 down-sides with these low prices to gain your custom:

Too often too many short lengths

Too often too many short lengths

Have you ever looked at the units where the wooden floor packs are stored in these DIY chains? Large metal units, often three or four stacks high. Nothing wrong with height, but the main issue here is the width: mostly not wider than 1.3 - 1.5 meters. This means, the packs of wooden flooring will contain "short" lengths of - standard - 1.20 meter.
Now, manufacturers don't often sell planks of 1.2 meters on their own, they like to mix things up and for quality flooring this size is a medium length - not the maximum length. Meaning, for this type of flooring to be as low as possible in price, the other lengths are often short - too short in fact.

The product description of these random length packs often state: enhancing the character of your wooden floor with various lengths.
As if! All this will do is enhance the "business" of the look, because more often than not the majority of the boards per pack will be around 300 - 500mm. Meaning, too many joints in a row, making your floor rather unstable and should therefore never be installed using the floating method. Plus, as many manufactures recommend, joints in the neighbouring row should be spaced at least 300mm from the joints in the previous row - very hard to do when you only have very short lengths.

Too often not enough knowledge

Too often not enough knowledge

Imagine having a trillion items in your shop, would you know the ins and outs of every single item? Or when to use what type of accessory? Would all of your many employees know all of it? "Many" as in rotating per day or part of the day and per "department"?

Would the employee you manage to track down in the wooden floor "department" know which underlayment you should use on your existing chipboard underfloor - if your wooden floor can be installed floating at all? If the latter, would this employee also know you cannot fully bond your wooden floor onto modern chipboard? Nor that you can secret nail into chipboard?

Too often they only want to sell you accessories you don't need, such as straps or cork fillers.

Too often veneer is sold as sandable

Too often veneer is sold as sandable

Real wood top layer - as soon as you see a sales term like this you have to be on your guard. Veneer - most often 0.6mm thick - is also a real wood top layer but is only really suitable in areas where there is low traffic, such as in bedrooms.

And when this sales term for a veneer floor is followed by the claim it can be sanded you are definitely in for a treat!
Knowing that a proper sanding - with professional sanding equipment - sands off 1 - 1.5mm you'll end up with the backing of your "real wood top layer" floor, often pine or plywood (still "real wood").
How's that for a bargain?

Often it is better to go to a specialist

Often - if not always - it pays to select your wooden flooring at a specialist retailer, online or off-line. These businesses only sell wooden flooring and therefore know all about the products and accessories you need, they know what can and cannot be done, which floor type is most suited for your situation and they will give you tips and tricks of the trade if you want to install the floor yourself. Or they will have their own installation team to do a professional job for you.

Wood You Like, E-tailer nowadays - is one of those specialist. View and read all the information pages on this website and decide for yourself: do they or don't they know a lot about wooden flooring?

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Review.... and new coupon code for 2015

A very happy New Year! May all your wishes for this new year come true!


Here at Wood You Like we also have a wish: to receive reviews on our site. Your reviews, as dedicated fans/clients of our company, would be much appreciated to show new visitors your experience with us.

Writing a review is very simple. Below every page in our secure online shop, be it on the category overview, the product overview per category or below any individual product, you will find the above button: Write a Review.

The Review "pop-up"


Once you clicked on "write a review", you are asked to score our company/site, to enter a title of your review and a box to write the actual review.
After this, you either connect through one of the give options, or enter your name and email address (some of these items will show once you've given your score and/or entered your name.)

To verify


You are then asked - by email - to verify you wrote the review, in order to prevent others misusing your email address. Plus next to your name on the review it will show: Verified Reviewer

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New Coupon Code!


A brand new year also means a brand new Coupon Code for our fans. As always, you can find this code (for 5% off any of our products) on our Facebook Page under the tab " Fans Only Offers"

Looking forward to receive your reviews and your orders with the new coupon code!

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