How to prepare for the festivities

It's definitely December: cold, wet and windy with a sniff of snow in the air? Although it is only the beginning of the month, preparing for the festivities of the end of the month cannot start early enough!

I'm not talking about a special decorated tree - commonly know an the Christmas tree - I'm more talking about how the prepare your wonderful and beautiful wooden floor for all things to come - to it, on it etc.

No matter if your whole family comes over, or it'll be just you and a few loved ones, your floor needs to be in top condition. To shine, to sparkle and to be easily cleaned of the expected spillages without leaving a stain.

Give your floor a pre-Christmas maintenance, wash all grime and dirt from the Autumn - if there is any - off with Saicos Wash-care and treat it afterwards with a revitalising polish. We even renamed the EcoLine floor-care set (containing everything you need in one box) as "The Pre-Christmas Floor Care Set" for your conveniences.

Your floor - and your guests - will love you for it!

And in case of emergencies during the festivities - 'cause we all know beverages and perhaps even parts of the Christmas or New-Year dinner will get spilled on the floor - we added a set of polishing pads to the very easy to use Saicos EcoLine Wax-Care Spray. so you can grab the spray and simply polish the stain off your floor without disturbing your feast with a lot of upheaval. Spray and wipe is all that is needed!

So, have a very relaxed time with your beautiful wooden floor!

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Best for..

Most questions we receive start with:

"What's best for....?"

followed by their finish type or problem they have.


Therefor we listing below a whole lot of our answers to the faq:

Best for...

Well, this covers most of the frequently asked questions. Have a questions of your own - which isn't listed above - use the ?Help button you'll find at the bottom of every page of our website

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Wet and windy - autumn is here

BewolktWhen you have UnderFloor Heating (UFH) you should prepare your wooden floor for the arrival of real Autumn/Winter period now, before the true heating season starts. UFH tends to dry out the wood a bit more than on average, so treating your floor with a maintenance polish (like a moisteriser) will keep it in good health and beautiful over the colder times of the year.

It's never a good idea to apply a polish on a warm wooden surface, this can create patches of too quickly dried polish, therefore treat your wooden floor during a "sunny" day these coming weeks, before the UFH is switched on to higher levels.

To know even more about maintaining your wooden floor, have a look at the "Ultmate Maintenance Guide" - filled with practical tips and advice and includes videos showing you how to wash and wax.

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Sometimes we are truly baffled by a question:

Hi, I'm going to lay an oak wood-engineered  flooring in my hallway. I have a carpet down at the moment, which is not very thick, but has quite a smooth texture. Would I be able to lay laminate over it, and it could be used as an underlay for the wood floor?

BugsI'm afraid the answer is NO. You should never use carpet, or old carpet underlay, underneath a hard floor covering. Not only is it a different type of "underlayment" to that which you should use when installing wooden or laminate flooring, just think of all the little bugs, house mites, etc., still in the carpet or carpet underlayment. No matter how well or often you vacuum clean, they will still be there! Bugs and house mites love warm and humid conditions - so you'd be creating the perfect breeding circumstances for them.

Remove carpet and carpet underlayment, vacuum clean the bare underfloor thoroughly, and use proper underlayment especially made for wooden or laminated flooring. This will give you the best results.


Now we always answer the question, no matter how baffled we are. We know wood-flooring, its installation, finishing and caring for have others baffled too, we are here to inform and advice everyone. Have a question yourself - use the ?help button at the bottom of every page.

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Over time Wood You Like has introduced various draws, for instances for the best DIY-er per month or when participating in one of our surveys. This time, every order counts towards the



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The 5 winners of this Pre-Summer Draw will receive an email, containing the information pack, in the first full week of July 2017, the winner of the "Win-Back-your-Purchase-Price-Prize" will be refunded the purchase price (excluding delivery charges) before Saturday 08.07.17

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Over the many years Wood You Like has been in business (next year already 15 years!) we must have received over 2000 questions - in our former showroom, over the phone, by email and nowadays mostly through our simple ?Help button. Many of these Frequently Asked questions we gathered together and turned them into helpful guides:

If you have a question, one of the above guides will certainly have the answer. If in those cases you have one that is not (yet) covered in one of the information guides, feel free to use the ?Help button you will find at the bottom of every page on this website (if you are using this service for the first time, be sure to click the link in the email you receive after posting your question otherwise it will not end up in our inbox)

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Care/Repair - all you need in one "box"

When you are (re)searching products to care or repair your wooden floor, you could be forgiven for becoming overwhelmed by all the products available. Which one, or combination of products, would do everything you want it to do, AND is suitable for it?

Do I need an oil when my floor has been oiled before to bring back its lustre, do I need a cleaning product first and what wax or polish can I apply and how often? 
What products do I need when I only have to add a few blocks to our existing parquet floor, and want to sand and re-finish the whole area of flooring?

The list of questions can go on and on.

For this purpose we created so-called "all in one boxes" in our secure webshop, all the items you need for certain care and/or repair jobs.

image from

Such as:

Ecoline cleaning kit for all floor finishes

Intensive cleaning and repair kit for oiled floors

and Saicos Floor Care set.

And don't forget the various guides we created especially for you:

The Ultimate Maintenance Guide


Restore without Sanding

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Top 5 sellers 2016

We hope you enjoyed the first month of 2017. Here at Wood You Like we have been looking at the best sellers of last year and present to you the TOP 5:

5: Intensive Cleaning/Repair kit for oiled floors

Great for repairing little damages - down to the bare wood - of your oiled floor, contains the high quality magic cleanser and premium hardwaxoil to touch-up (small) areas where the finish has completely gone

4: Saicos Magic Cleanser

A great hardworking cleaner to remove old dirt and grain is the most natural way - ecofriendly product

3: Saicos Premium HardWaxOil

Finish your wooden (Oak) floor within one day, again ecofriendly and very, very easy to apply. 1 litre covers 22 sq meters in one coat or 13 sq meters in two coats

2: Saicos Wax-Care Spray

Maintains every wooden floor, no matter what finish it has. Keeps it healthy, beautiful and protected against dirt and drips

And on First Place: Ecoline Cleaning Kit for All Finishes

Combining 3 of Saicos Ecoline maintenance product, polishing pads and your own Maintenance Guide in one single order.


Have a browse through all the 5 top sellers and see what they can do for your wooden floor! You can rely on Wood You Like to keep you stocked up with all the eco-friendly products for maintenance and finishing this whole year too!

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Short list 2

Having a wooden floor in your home is a beautiful and valuable  item. Taking care of it is easy, if you know how to. Therefore we've listed the most common questions and answers on this below:

(Re)finishing your floor.

Only apply an oil on a floor that has been sanded bare, or on an oiled floor that is badly in need of revitalising. NEVER apply a coat of oil on a lacquered/varnished floor without sanding it bare, otherwise you will create an Ice-Skating rink and we believe you do not want that type of winter fun in your home.


On Oak floors, we still think a clear oil finish will bring out the true wonderful character of this great wood-species. Use Saicos Premium HardWaxOil (available in 5 sheens) and finish your floor in one day!

On Tropical w00d-species, use our Saicos Tropical Combo, which contains a very thin oil for the first coat and Premium HardWaxOil for the second and finishing coat. Because tropical species are oily of themselves, applying a hardwaxoil as first coat will take for ever to penetrate and dry, therefore use a thin oil first.

On pine floors, any clear finish will turn your floor ugly orange after a while. To prevent this, apply Saicos Colour Oil Oak as first coat (followed by one coat of hardwaxoil) to turn it into a non-orange and beautiful floor.

Not sure what the original colour of your floor is? Sand a part down, in an unobtrusive corner for instance and apply the "wet-finger" test (or use a tiny bit of water). This will reveal your floor's colour it will have after you apply a clear finish.

If you are restoring a wooden floor, have a look at the Restoration Packs we created especially for this task: one for Oak, one for Tropical and one for Pine floors.
Looking for information on how to restore your wooden floor best, we highly recommend you read this special page on the subject: 7 easy steps

Not sure if your floor needs total restoration including sanding? Simply check your floor with the points on this page: restoring without sanding.

Any further or other question you might have on oiling or restoring your floor, use the ?Help button at the bottom of the page (and if you are using this support option for the first time, look out for the first email and click the email-confirmation link. Only then will your question end up in our inbox!)

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When in doubt

Smiley-vraagtekenWe often receive questions from wood floor owners who do not exactly know what type of finish their floor is: varnished or oiled (lacquered or waxed).

We have just uncovered a parquet floor in our dining room, probably mahogany. It is in generally good condition with just a few small dark stains, but unfortunately also quite a lot of white paint splodges. It appears to be have been varnished but this is not at all flaky. We are planning to sand it lightly to remove paint and lighten it. Can we then just apply ecoline wax care? Or do we have to revarnish.
I would be grateful for your advice on the best treatment, thank you

When in doubt and in need to replenish your wooden floor it is always best to use Saicos EcoLine Wax-Care SPRAY, because this product suits all types of finishes.
The wax-care (polish) in only suitable for oiled/waxed floors and will not be properly absorbed by floors with other finishes, meaning you could end up with a very streaky AND slippery floor!

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All you need to know about maintenance, ever

The Ultimate Maintenance Guide

everything you need and must know about keeping your wooden floor healthy and beautiful

 Welcome to Wood You Like's comprehensive maintenance guide, filled with tips, examples, advice and videos to show you how easy, simple and necessary wood floor care is.

The Ultimate Maintenance Guide

 Every wood floor needs - simple - care

A wooden floor is a wonderful lively and natural floor covering, more and more home owners are installing (or restoring) this type of flooring:

  • it's beautiful
  • it's eco-friendly
  • it's anti-allergic
  • it's clean
  • it's healthy
  • it's long lasting
  • it's practical
  • plus it can add value to the home

But no matter what type of wood floor or finish you have, the surface of the wood floor needs a bit of TLC once in a while to keep its healthy and grand appearance. The best comparison you can make is with your own skin: to keep this important part of the body healthy we often - daily - treat it with feeding and moisturising creams or lotions etc. A flaky, dry skin doesn't look good plus it will not effectively protect your body against outside (harmful) influences.

Just like you want to look great and healthy, your wooden floor will look at its best when it's been taken care off regularly.

What this guide will show you

A splash of lotion on your skin is easily applied, and so is treating your wooden floor! That's one of the things this guide will show you - and we'll be using videos to really show you how easy this is.

This guide contains:

  • what absolutely NOT TO DO
  • why floor care is important
  • a maintenance plan
  • stain removing tips - just in case
  • how to restore your parquet floor without sanding
  • images and videos
  • recommended high quality products and tools
  • vouchers to use in Wood You Like's secure online shop
  • and more

Order the guide now!

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Carpet leaving marks

Reclaimfinish300When you remove your carpet and discover there is a parquet floor hiding underneath it is most often worth to restore this wooden feature - but sometimes you can encounter (small) problems. We received the following question on the very subject (have a question yourself, use the ?Help button at the bottom of every page)

I have recently purchased a new property and discovered there there is original parquet flooring throughout the ground floor. I have removed the carpet and the grippers to fully check the floor throughout. There are a few loose blocks but can be glued back down, however in 2 areas of either end of the room, there does appear to be zig zag marks which seem to be identical to the pattern on the bottom of the underlay, I have tried to remove this with plain water but with no success.
Ideally we don't want to sand the floor as it is in perfect condition other than this and the colour is great so do not want any lighter. From experience are these marks common? would they come off if we were to use your eco clean line?
My concern is if we do sand is the mark likely to have imbeded into the block so would not disappear anyway?

Any help you can give would be most appreciated

You could try with the Saicos Magic Cleanser - part of the EcoLine cleaning kit, which also contains steelwool tripleO - to see if this removes the (common) marks of the former underlay.

It is one of the more simple to solve problems you can encounter when lifting carpet and (re)discovering a wonderful wooden floor. If you are so lucky to do this and are not sure where to start with the revitalising of your floor, read our article on this - most have found it very helpful.

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Small Talk

Below you'll find some of the (very) short questions we also receive through our ?Help desk.

HelpDesk1Have a question yourself (long or short, doesn't matter) use the ?Help button on the right-hand corner at the bottom of every page. First time you use this service? Keep an eye out for the confirmation email and click the link, otherwise we'll never see your question.

So, here we go: small talk.

Buffingblock: Is this item no longer available in the UK? Thank you.

Not sure, but since we were a long time the only sellers I do think so - our supplier has (unfortunately) discontinued this product

I'm interested in the coloured waxes for untreated furniture.

The classic oils will be wonderful on any unfinished wooden furniture. The wood needs to be grease free and dry.  All you need to do is pick your favourite colour

Can you recommend a filler that i can purchase from a shop such as homebase, b&q, wickes or screwfix?

Why? Is the product we sell not good enough for you?

hi there - just wondering what the difference is between the Wax Ecoline spray and the wax polish, both by Saicos? Many thanks

Main difference: polish can only be used on oiled/waxed floors, spray can be used on any finish.

Help! My husband spilled some varnish (the sort of hard clear stuff used for craft projects) onto the parquet floor. How can I get it off?

Let it dry completely, then remove as much as you can with white-spirit. Afterwards treat the floor with wax polish

I'm going to belt sand our "5 fingered parquet" kitchen floor. It is not a big floor space but it's looking a bit patchy and faded in parts.  Can you advise the best grit belts to use?

You could start with grit 60, if that doesn't get rid of all the finish, use grit 40.
For the second sanding round, use grit 80 and then, depending on the finish you planned, use grit 120 for third sanding if you finish with oil - don't go above this grit for oil/wax finish - or 150 if you plan to varnish/lacquer the floor

going to renovate 60`s parquet flooring, should i fill the gaps with the saw dust and resin or will this crack and look worse?

Only fill if you sand the floor - use the saw-dust of the second sanding and with the third sanding you can remove the excess filler

My floor was laid a few months ago now I have gaps. It is an 18mm solid oak wood that was floated on a fibreboard underlay by glueing the tongue and grove what can I to rectify this issue.

Installed before Winter? Wait until Spring really gets going, the central heating is turned down and the humidity increases.

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Small packs of mosaic

Oak 5-finger mosaic rediscovered in lounger Frequently used in bungalows - and of course other types of homes - during the 50's upto the early 90's, the 5-finger solid wood mosaic floors are a common sight.

And nowadays very often a common and pleasant discovery by the new owners of the house when ripping out the wall-to-wall carpet or vinyl that had been installed over it - perhaps even many years ago.

Restoring or adding mosaic floors

A design parquet floor, and a mosaic floor is definitely a design parquet floor, is a valuable floor covering to have/to discover you have. Sturdy, beautiful and most often than not, adding value to your home. Plus of course, very easy to keep clean.

We have two guides for you in regards of repairing/restoring your mosiac floor:

  1. Restore without sanding, a free guide
  2. 7 easy steps to repair your parquet floor
Plus, if you are in need to find missing mosaic parts, we have two wood-species in small packages for you: Oak and Mahogany, both in 2.304 sq meter quantities. Do note these are in metric sizes where your old mosaic might be in imperial sizes.
Finishing materials we have too: see the almost unlimited choice in Saicos eco-friendly oils here, and to keep your (re)discovered parquet floor beautiful and healthy for a long time check out all the maintenance products we have for you.
Happy restoring!
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