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Getting ready for Autumn

Well, Autumn is here again, and any hope on an Indian Summer has (mostly) evaporated. Although you can never be sure, remember the first weekend of November a few years ago? Almost "tropical" it was.

But, better safe than sorry. If you are the proud owner of wooden garden furniture it is high time to take a proper look at it before you store it away for next year.

  • Is it dirty or stained?
  • Has it become dull and listless?
  • Is it greying (too) much

All of the above can be solved with Saicos Furniture Care Set.

  • With the SAICOS WOOD BRIGHTENER and DEGRAYER is an easy to use, highly effective special liquid detergent to clean and refreshen greyed, unattractive looking exterior wood surfaces without sanding.
    The original colour of the wood will appear again.
  • Followed by a special Teak Oil to protect your furniture for a long time
  • The set also contains a brush, application cloths and a cleaning pad.
  • Everything you need in one pack

Saicos Furniture Care Set

Like your wooden floor, your wooden garden furniture will stay beautiful and healthy a much longer time when you regularly care for it.

For other outside wood, check out the special category Exterior Wood Care

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Summertime and the weather is lovely

Enjoying the sunny weather we're having of late? I'll bet you do!

The intens sunshine however resulted in a panicky email:

"I hope you can help us. We had an Oak floor installed which was finished with UV-oil. Now with all the sunny weather of the recent weeks, the part of floor that gets the sun all afternoon long is still changing colour! How is that possible, we thought with the UV-oil the floor was protected against this???"

An UV-oil finish is quite common nowadays. but it sets most people on "the wrong foot". UV-oil means the oil in the factory has certain particles in it that assists the quick factory drying of the oil with UV-light. It does not mean your floor is now protected against the effects of the UV-light of the sun. 

Any wood floor reacts to light, by turning darker or lighter - depending on the wood-species. The best way to protect your floor (and its colour) is to shade it from intense sunlight during mid-day when the UV rays are at their strongest. Awnings, screens or even soft curtains will reduce the UV effect on your floor.

Plus, as you would (should!) do with your own skin to protect it during the most intense sunshine, you can also protect your floor - no matter if it is treated with UV-oil or not - by applying a regular maintenance regime which keeps the surface healthy and will reduce the effect of the sun's UV light.

Ecoline Pflegewachs Spray 1 GBA regular maintenance regime means nothing more than applying a polish or a wax every 5 - 6 months (do avoid treating your floor in direct sunshine, the high temperature of the surface will dry out the polish/wax too quickly and result in a patchy result).

The simplest way to treat your floor - and protect it better against the sunshine - is using Saicos EcoLine Wax-Care Spray. Simply spray it on your floor, spread it out with the polish applicator and within 10 minutes the job is done!

Treat your floor regularly, enjoy the sun - as long as it still lasts - and don't get burned!

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