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Multifunctional spray

No matter what type of finish your wooden floor has - be it oiled, waxed, varnished or lacquered - there is one maintenance product for all these finishes.

And it is not just very suitable to keep your wooden floor beautiful, healthy and protected against dirt and drips, all your wooden furniture can easily be treated with the same eco-friendly product too. It not only spruces up the shine of your, for instance, coffee table - it also cleans off little marks of bottles, glasses etc.

Saicos Wax Care EcoLine Spray:

  • Finally one high quality, VOC free product to maintain all wooden floors, oiled/waxed and lacquered/varnished.
  • Cleans and maintains Wood and Cork floors, table and work tops, Furniture, Panelling and other interior wood surfaces.
  • Application is sooooo simple. Spray a small amount on a cloth or directly on wood surface and distribute with cloth or polish applicator.
  • Also recommended for initial cleaning of freshly installed pre finished floors before usage.
  • Revitalises and Builds up anti slip properties unlike other Wax care products.
  • Removes persistent heavy stains using a scotchpad.
  • 1 L covers approximately 100 m².

Ecoline Pflegewachs Spray 1 GB

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