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Multifunctional spray

No matter what type of finish your wooden floor has - be it oiled, waxed, varnished or lacquered - there is one maintenance product for all these finishes.

And it is not just very suitable to keep your wooden floor beautiful, healthy and protected against dirt and drips, all your wooden furniture can easily be treated with the same eco-friendly product too. It not only spruces up the shine of your, for instance, coffee table - it also cleans off little marks of bottles, glasses etc.

Saicos Wax Care EcoLine Spray:

  • Finally one high quality, VOC free product to maintain all wooden floors, oiled/waxed and lacquered/varnished.
  • Cleans and maintains Wood and Cork floors, table and work tops, Furniture, Panelling and other interior wood surfaces.
  • Application is sooooo simple. Spray a small amount on a cloth or directly on wood surface and distribute with cloth or polish applicator.
  • Also recommended for initial cleaning of freshly installed pre finished floors before usage.
  • Revitalises and Builds up anti slip properties unlike other Wax care products.
  • Removes persistent heavy stains using a scotchpad.
  • 1 L covers approximately 100 m².

Ecoline Pflegewachs Spray 1 GB

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worn in parts

Recently we received the following question - have a question yourself, use the ?Help button at the bottom of every page (do check your inbox if this is the first time you use this service and click the link in the confirmation email, otherwise we will not receive your question):

image from www.hardwoodfloorsmag.comI have moved into a 1930's property. Hall and front room have block oak parquet flooring, it appears to be have been sanded and lacquered in the past, but that has worn at the bottom of the stairs ( the grain is looking a bit grubby too) and appears a bit patchy( i have noticed its not water resistant in parts, water resistant in others ( water droplets form ) also between some of the blocks where the gaps are quite visible, there is an indication of a deteriorated lacquer of some kind.

The floor still has a nice sheen to it though. I don't really want to re-sand it and would like some advice on how to clean and re-seal it myself if that can be done.

A lacquered/varnished floor that has damage to its finish is a bit difficult to really revamp without sanding. You cannot apply lacquer/varnish over the damaged areas without creating overlapping - ugly - areas.
What you could try is to clean the whole floor with Saicos Magic Cleanser and then applying Saicos Wax-Care Spray - on damaged areas a few times after each other till the floor has absorbed plenty of the "wax" and is protected against dirt and spillages again. here might be a slight difference in appearance between lacquered/varnish areas and areas treated with the wax-care, but it saves you the task of sanding and resealing the whole floor.

See our EcoLine Cleaning Kit containing all the products you need.

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Carpet leaving marks

Reclaimfinish300When you remove your carpet and discover there is a parquet floor hiding underneath it is most often worth to restore this wooden feature - but sometimes you can encounter (small) problems. We received the following question on the very subject (have a question yourself, use the ?Help button at the bottom of every page)

I have recently purchased a new property and discovered there there is original parquet flooring throughout the ground floor. I have removed the carpet and the grippers to fully check the floor throughout. There are a few loose blocks but can be glued back down, however in 2 areas of either end of the room, there does appear to be zig zag marks which seem to be identical to the pattern on the bottom of the underlay, I have tried to remove this with plain water but with no success.
Ideally we don't want to sand the floor as it is in perfect condition other than this and the colour is great so do not want any lighter. From experience are these marks common? would they come off if we were to use your eco clean line?
My concern is if we do sand is the mark likely to have imbeded into the block so would not disappear anyway?

Any help you can give would be most appreciated

You could try with the Saicos Magic Cleanser - part of the EcoLine cleaning kit, which also contains steelwool tripleO - to see if this removes the (common) marks of the former underlay.

It is one of the more simple to solve problems you can encounter when lifting carpet and (re)discovering a wonderful wooden floor. If you are so lucky to do this and are not sure where to start with the revitalising of your floor, read our article on this - most have found it very helpful.

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