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Nothing to do with the wintery stuff, everything to do with restoring your wooden floor.

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I'm going to belt sand our "5 fingered parquet" kitchen floor. It is not a big floor space but it's looking a bit patchy and faded in parts.
Can you advise the best grit belts to use?

You could start with grit 60, if that doesn't get rid of all the original finish, use grit 40.
For the second sanding round, use grit 80 and then, depending on the finish you planned, use grit 120 for third sanding if you finish with oil - don't go above this grit for oil/wax finish - or 150 if you plan to varnish/lacquer the floor.

image from dpbfm6h358sh7.cloudfront.netFor an oil finish, we can highly recommend the Saicos Eco-friendly products, from Permium Hardwaxoil to colour oils, see the category Saicos floor oils and select your best product to finish your wooden floor to the highest standards.

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Can a very tired lacquered floor be waxed with your products without sanding?

We received the following question lately:

Mosaic parquetI have ten rooms of engineered (is this the right term - it is 1cm thick blocks - almost like a veneer) oak parquet flooring from the 1930s - all looking very tired, faded and with paler spots where someone has tried to scrub out paint spots.

I have tried your test to determine whether they are waxed or lacquered. No white spots come under drops and no flakes when scratched with a coin. However, when washed the water was brown (not dirt but more like a wax residue?).

As the floor is very tired and has these pale spots, can I successfully apply your power wax to this floor even is it is possibly lacquered? As it is thin parquet I don't think it would withstand sanding or polishing with an industrial polisher. Many thanks for your advice.

It does sounds like your floor has been lacquered before and is now losing its finish in some places. As you say, sanding would destroy the floor, so I suggest you first thoroughly clean it with Magic Cleanser and then treat it (on some spots more than once) with Wax-Care Spray. Both products are suitable for all types of finishes and won't harm your floor but will replenish the look and feel of it.

Opt for the EcoLine Cleaning Kit for all finishes, containing all the products you need, including The Ultimate Maintenance Guide, filled with tips and advice to keep every wooden floor healthy and beautiful again for a long time. 

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