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April 2016

The 3 toppers

The last few months wood-floor owners have definitely been cleaning/maintaining their floors, as the 3 toppers of the first quarter of 2016 shows:

1: Saicos EcoLine Wax-care Spray

Suitable for all floor finishes, maintains your wooden floor (and even wooden furniture) in the most easiest way possible, just spray on and (lightly) rub in. Job done in just a few minutes!

2: Saicos EcoLine Wash-Care

For fortnightly effective cleaning of your wooden floor. 1 can of 1 ltr will - diluted - clean 1000 sq meters!

3: Saicos Magic Cleanser

For those wooden floors that have become rather dirty - or haven't seen any maintenance for a couple of years. Dilute in water, spread over the floor and wipe off after 10 - 15 minutes. You won't recognise your floor, so clean it has become. Afterwards treat your floor with a suitable maintenance product and your floor is clean and protected again.

These three products have been toppers over the years, and for that reason we have combined them all in one combi-product which also includes a set of 2 polishing pads (steelwool 000): EcoLine Cleaning Kit for all finishes

from left to right: magic cleanser, wax-care spray, wash-care

Have you cleaned/maintained your wooden floor yet?

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W(h)e(a)ther inside or out

Storm and sunSpring is here! Sunny days, rainy days, windy days - no matter what the weather, Spring is definitely arrived.

So on wet and windy days, what better ways to wait for the sunny days is to maintain your wooden floor - and protect it against moist footprints - among other things.

All of our Saicos maintenance products are ecofriendly and very easy to use:

EcoLine Wash-care - for fortnightly cleaning
EcoLine Wax-care Spray - keeping all floor finishes (be it oiled/waxed or lacquered) healthy and beautiful
EcoLine Wax-Care polish - for your lovely oiled wooden floor 

And on sunny days, treat your wooden garden furniture to life prolonging maintenance with - again - Saicos garden furniture care products or spruce up your wooden decking or outside stone, bricks, tiles, concrete, ceramic, plastic, varnish (by removing the green growth) with Green-Ex - also ecofriendly.

No matter what the weather brings you, Wood You Like maintenance and exterior wood care categories are there for you.

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