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Making your floor ready for Spring

Now the clocks are about to be set on BST and your - if you have one - UnderFloorHeating will be turned down a notch or two, it becomes time to make your floor ready for Spring. During winter time, while the floor was radiating warmth applying a maintenance product is a no no, due to the temperature of the surface it most often results in a streaky result. But now is the time to spruce of your floor.

Clean it first with Saicos Ecoline wash-care and apply a maintenance polish afterwards, be it Saicos Wax-Care or Aunt Polly, see all the needed maintenance products here

In the event you hadn't cleaned your wooden floor for a long time, or you've just inherited an old original wooden floor from the previous owner of your home which is in dire need of a thorough cleaning to show you what the floor really looks like, Saicos has also a "Magical" product:

Saicos EcoLine Magic Cleanser

Simply dilute the product in water and soak your floor with it - but do not leave it longer than 15 - 20 minutes! Then remove the water and the dirt from your floor with non fluffy cloth. Your floor will look brand new!

The result after cleaning with Saicos Magic Cleanser

Nothing cleans better and more ecofriendly then Saicos Ecoline Magic Cleanser, so order your can today!

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Small packs of mosaic

Oak 5-finger mosaic rediscovered in lounger Frequently used in bungalows - and of course other types of homes - during the 50's upto the early 90's, the 5-finger solid wood mosaic floors are a common sight.

And nowadays very often a common and pleasant discovery by the new owners of the house when ripping out the wall-to-wall carpet or vinyl that had been installed over it - perhaps even many years ago.

Restoring or adding mosaic floors

A design parquet floor, and a mosaic floor is definitely a design parquet floor, is a valuable floor covering to have/to discover you have. Sturdy, beautiful and most often than not, adding value to your home. Plus of course, very easy to keep clean.

We have two guides for you in regards of repairing/restoring your mosiac floor:

  1. Restore without sanding, a free guide
  2. 7 easy steps to repair your parquet floor
Plus, if you are in need to find missing mosaic parts, we have two wood-species in small packages for you: Oak and Mahogany, both in 2.304 sq meter quantities. Do note these are in metric sizes where your old mosaic might be in imperial sizes.
Finishing materials we have too: see the almost unlimited choice in Saicos eco-friendly oils here, and to keep your (re)discovered parquet floor beautiful and healthy for a long time check out all the maintenance products we have for you.
Happy restoring!
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