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Saicos Exterior Wood Care Products

The winter slowly runs out of breath.
Prepare your terrace ready for spring now!

Removal of green-growth

> Green-Ex Concentrate
Removes mould from all outdoor woods, including natural and artificial stone terraces.
Effective and biological degradable concentrate for effortless removal of mould and similar infestations.

Removal of unsightly greying

> Wood Brightener Concentrate
Brightens natural outdoor woods without sanding:
garden furniture, wood decking and terraces, plant boxes, wooden grilles on balconies, wooden claddings etc. made of untreated wood

Premium protection for your terrace

> Special Wood Oil
The weather protection and care finish for wood decking, garden furniture and terraces.
The natural oils even the surface, make it smooth and emphasise the grain of the wood.
· colourless and transparent
· slip resistant

Or combine all of the above in the Spring Clean Exterior Wood Products

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You can't help colours fading, or can you?

SunlightraysWood, a product of nature, matures over time. This means, due to exposure of light, your wooden floor changes colour, sometimes also called "fading of the original colour".

For instance, Oak - pale blond when new - will get its characteristic honey/yellow colouring when treated with a natural finish. This normally takes between 1.5 - 2 years.

Tropical species on the other hand will rather rapidly turn much darker than when brand new, between 2 - 6 months.

All this due to exposure of light, be it sunlight or artificial light. Nothing will stop this, although.....

Some areas of my herringbone muhuhu parquet floor have faded where they have been covered with carpet; can the colour be made uniform without sanding?

Covering up part of your floor by placing carpets will give a very interesting effect, the covered part will keep its original colour way longer than the exposed part. You can easily compare this with pictures on a wallpapered wall, behind the picture the colour of the wallpaper will be more like it was in the beginning than the surrounding exposed areas. 

For answering the above question we advised to give it time, the unexposed part of the parquet will fade in with the rest of the floor as soon as you remove the carpet, sanding will not hurry things along.

There is one thing you can do to enlarge the time it will take for your wood to mature. When it is brand new and bare, treat it with two coats of Saicos Premium HardWaxOil (for Oak, Tropical Combo for tropical species). This hardwaxoil contains fewer linseed oil than other brands and will not turn your wooden floor into its characteristic mature colouring as easy or as soon. Plus it is eco-friendly and quick to apply.

Enjoy the (changing) colours of your wooden floor! 

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