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January 2016

On maintenance

Every wooden floor benefits from regular maintenance, we can't say it often enough. You've spent a decent sum of money on your floor covering you want to safeguard your investment, and with the modern maintenance products it is easier than ever!

What is regular maintenance?

BrushIf you want, of if it is needed due to middle to heavy daily traffic (from walking in from your garden or if you have pets) you can clean your floor every fortnight - with an appropriate cleaning product, washing up liquid does more harm than good! - to remove muddy footprints or other spillages.
Do this with a well wrong-out cloth, wood likes water as long it is a tree, after that it really doesn't! 

Apply a polish every 4 - 5 months, after you've cleaned your floor. So, do not apply a polish every time you clean your floor. Two or three times a year is enough to keep your wooden floor healthy, beautiful and protective against dirt and drips. Polishing after every single cleaning is too often, polish will build up and your floor can become sticky and even gather dust and dirt in the not absorbed layer of polish.

For cleaning we highly recommend the eco-friendly Wash-Care by Saicos, which - diluted - gives you enough cleaning product to cover 1000 sq meters!

For polishing we highly recommend the eco-friendly polishes by Saicos:
Wax-Care polish - for oiled floors
Wax-Care Spray - for both lacquered and oiled floors

Also, if you are into real polishing your waxed or oiled floor once in a while, you can safely use Aunt Polly's Polishing Wax and have your house smell of old-fashion polishing.

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Finishing versus maintenance products

Our inbox frequently received all kinds of questions, on all kinds wooden flooring subjects. Some are very good questions, others make us think not everyone has a correct understanding of the floorcovering they selected.

One question read:

can I use Saicos hard wax oil and then use Aunt Polly polishing wax

All oiled floors, not matter which brand oil had been used, can be treated with any maintenance product suitable for oiled floors, so the answer is yes. Some manufacturers of floor oils tell you you have to use only their maintenance products, but our experience tells us all (good) maintenance products - from sprays, polish and wax - can be used to keep your oiled floor healthy, beautiful and protecting it against dirt and drips.

Our answer was then followed by another question:

When I applied the Aunt Polly, can I then reseal the floor yearly with the HardWaxOil?

This is one of those questions that makes us realise that some people do not know the difference between finishing and maintenance products.

You only treat your wooden floor with a finishing product - such as Saicos HardWaxOil, or single oils - when it is brand new and unfinished OR if it floor has been sanded bare.

image from dpbfm6h358sh7.cloudfront.netA once treated floor you maintain with maintenance products, there is no need what so ever to reseal your wooden floor with another coat of oil once every year. Sellers of wooden floors or finishing materials who tell you that either do not know what they are talking about or are trying to sell you expensive oils.
Every wooden floor needs a maintenance treatment roughly twice a year, that should suffice to keep it healthy and beautiful.

So: finishing products only once (by yourself on unfinished wood or by the manufacturer when you purchase a pre-oiled floor) - maintenance products every 5 - 6 months. 

If you need more information on how to maintain your wooden floor, purchase the Ultimate Maintenance Guide in the secure webshop and you will never doubt what product to use when.

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Happy New Year

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And all the best wishes for you and your family for this brand New Year!

From the team at Wood You Like, of course also this year at your service with everything you need to keep your wooden floors beautiful and healthy!

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