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Before or after

Christmas is just around the corner, and we are receiving various questions on maintaining a wooden floor for this period. The most frequently asked question is:

should I apply a polish/wax before or after Christmas?

Well, to be honest, it depends on your Christmas plans and situation. Every one loves to show off their wonderful and beautiful wooden floor, especially when the whole room is dressed up for Christmas, but if you have (very) young children/or are expecting a bunch of very young Christmas guests (grand-children for instance) who are prone to spill their lovely Christmas dinner, it might be wise to wait with the application of the polish till after the festivities.

In all other cases, also because a polish protects your floor better against water/wine/beer spillages, you should apply the polish before the festivities start and show off your Christmas tree on a (very) shiny floor. The more you buff the polish/wax, the more shinier your floor will get.

Everything you need to maintain your wooden floor you'll find in our secure webshop. And to make sure you receive the products before Christmas we advice you to get your order in before Friday 18 December (applies for products which are in stock - most are, but we'll try to accommodate all products to be sent out in time for Christmas.) 

Easy maintenance from Wood You Like

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All I want for Christmas

The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting stormy and wet: it must be the dark days before Christmas. Time to think about gifts:

For those who have an oiled floor, why not gift them the Saicos Floor Care Set, with EcoLine Wash-care and EcoLine Wax-care.

Or create your own Floor Care set for those who have a lacquered floor: Saicos EcoLine Wash-care and EcoLine Wax-care Spray

Or gift one who's planning to restore their wooden floor without sanding the EcoLine Cleaning Kit for all finishes.

Not sure what to give your loved one: select Wood You Like's Gift Voucher and let them "buy" the products they want from our secure webshop.

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