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Your turn

QuestionsFor many years now, Wood You Like provides you with a new article (and new email newsletter) every week. And we always hope you like what you're reading.


Now it is your turn!

We love to know what you really think about the articles and the newsletter, so we created a little survey for you to fill in - all anonymous too!

Tell us what you like, which articles you prefer and a few other questions. It would be much appreciated and of course beneficial for all of our readers if there is a need for improvement.

Simply follow this link which will bring you to our little survey. Your turn now! You'll have until next Thursday (04.06.2015) to give us your opinions
We will report the results of this little survey in a future article soon.

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Magic cleaning!

Last week we talked about Wash and Go - using Saicos Wash-Care for fortnightly cleaning which does not leave your floor dull as a result.

In the event you hadn't cleaned your wooden floor for a long time, or you've just inherited an old original wooden floor from the previous owner of your home which is in dire need of a thorough cleaning to show you what the floor really looks like, Saicos has also a "Magical" product:

Saicos EcoLine Magic Cleanser

Simply dilute the product in water and soak your floor with it - but do not leave it longer than 15 - 20 minutes! Then remove the water and the dirt from your floor with non fluffy cloth. Your floor will look brand new!

The result after cleaning with Saicos Magic Cleanser

Nothing cleans better and more ecofriendly then Saicos Ecoline Magic Cleanser, so order your can today!

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Wash and Go!

The above sounds like a commercial for shampoo, doesn't it? Still, it is in a twisted way true, but not to wash your hair.

We often are asked what to do with a very dull floor. When we try to establish why this wooden floor has become dull most tell us they wash the floor two or three times a month, or even more often. Now, washing your wooden floor can cause all sorts of problems if you don't take care;

  • never use too much water
  • never leave water to stand on the floor for longer than a few minutes
  • and never ever use a cleaning product diluted in the water that'll harm the floor or the coating of your floor. "Fairy" washing up liquid should only be used on your dishes, never on a wooden floor because it will remove the protective coating and make your floor dull and prone to take on stains after drips.

So, why the title of this article still mentions Wash & Go?

Wash-Care by SaicosSimple: Saicos Wash-care is a very specific cleaning product for wooden floors, no matter how they are finished (oiled/waxed or lacquered/varnished). Diluted in water it will not harm your floor (as long as you don't through a complete bucket of water with wash-care over it!). This is because the eco-friendly product contains a little bit of liquid wax that'll feed the protective layer of your wooden floor, once it is dried it does not make your floor dull. And of course, it cleans off dirt!

So, Saicos Wash-Care can be used every fortnight without a problem and helps you keep your wooden floor healthy and beautiful. Once every 5 - 6 months your floor does require a maintenance polish, such as Saicos Wax-Care or Aunt Polly's polishing Wax.

Happy cleaning, without making your wooden floor utterly dull. Simply Wash and Go.

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Spring cleaned our shop

Did we change the design and lay-out of our whole website two weeks ago, last week we thoroughly Spring Cleaned our Secure Online Shop.

Spring clean

Cobwebs and dust bowls have been cleared, items rearranged, categories updated! Plus.....

No matter how many items in your shopping bag, the delivery charge will now always be only£ 12.00 (this of course excludes the E-guides, if your purchase is solely one of these guides, there are no delivery charges out all).

The quality products that come in various tins (such as in 0.75 and in 2.5 ltrs) can now both be found in one product where you select the tin(s) right there and then. Simple.

One other item we've changed. If you are looking for high quality wooden floors, you simply select the one in our range you want us to send you a specified quotation for the sq meters needed (do add a percentage of the area you plan to have your wooden floors installed in for the needed "saw-waste).

Have a very nice Spring yourself, and if you are thinking of a thorough clean of your home do have a look at all of our maintenance products that'll keep your wooden floors healthy and beautiful!

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