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Boxing Day Special

Merry Christmas - Happy Boxing Day!

As today is Boxing Day, we are very happy to offer you our Boxing Day Special: 10% discount on all orders above £ 25.00 - only today!

Use the following coupon code during check-out and the 10% will be dedcuted automagically from your order total: Box2014

(Depending on the items you order, the products could be delivered in 2015 - due to holliday closure of some of our suppliers)

May we also wish you the very, very best in 2015! We're looking forward to this brand new year and hope you do too!

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We have a new - or rather, changed - feature on our website:  ? Help

It replaces the old "Ask Us" button you could find on the left hand side of every page. This new ? Help button is located in the bottom right hand corner of every page and when clicked shows a little pop-up screen.

In here you enter your:

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When you finished writing your question, simply click "Send" and it will land in our inbox. As always, we will do our best to answer it as soon and as best as possible.

N.B. if you are using this service for the first time, you might receive an email to confirm your email address first. Please do so, or otherwise we won't - automagically - receive your question and it could take sometime before we can answer - after we manually captured your question.

And of course we wish you a very Merry Christmas. Keep a look out for our Boxing day email - it might contain a boxingday "special"!

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Christmas ideas

Still wondering what to get your family or friends this Christmas?

Plenty of choices!

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At what point...

At what point do you need to consider restoring your existing parquet floor?

Having a parquet floor (be it 5-finger mosaic, herringbone or even a fancy pattern) is a great addition to your home, and in most cases it can even increase the value of your house.

What is restoring?

What is restoring?Look in any dictionary and you'll find this explanation of the word Restore: to bring back to a former, original, or normal condition, as a building, statue, or painting.

No one is talking about sanding, creating a lot of dust or hassle. It simply means: bringing your parquet floor back to its former glory, lustre and grandeur.

Most "new" parquet floors will still look good, especially when you treat it once every 5 - 6 months with some TLC and apply a suitable maintenance product.

Older parquet floors could have been hiding for years underneath a carpet and most look dreadful once the carpet is removed. Covering it again with carpet would be a dreadful shame, it could be a valuable part of the original features of your home and should be exposed.

So, if your floor is lacking lustre, is dirty and mucky and / or is missing or has some damaged pieces then it is time to consider restoring your parquet floor.

Two ways about it

  1. Damaged parquet, or where you have to add some missing blocks/fingers and where the original varnish layer has completely worn off in places, will need sanding before it can be brought back to "life". If that's the case in your situation, read and follow our "7 easy steps to repair/restore your parquet floor"
  2. Or it could just be a simple but rigorous cleaning to get rid of the muck and accumulated dirt/dust from being covered by carpets. For this we've created another simple guide: "3 easy steps to clean/maintain your parquet floor"

Not sure if your parquet floor can be restored without sanding? Simply request the "If and How your original parquet floor can be restored without sanding" guide - it'll tell and show you what to note and what decision to make in regards of sanding.

Bring it back

Bring it back

Whatever you decide, don't just cover it up again with a carpet! It is a shame and you won't be able to enjoy the loveliness of your original wooden floor - plus any of the guides above shows you how easy it can be to bring it back to its former glory, for many years to come.

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