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When nooooooo is the only answer

Sometimes we wonder where people get their information from and why they need to confirm whatever they read/heard/been told with us? Most often it comes down to "silly" questions - based on the fact that dumb questions don't excist.

We received a phone call last week from an "installer" who'd taken on a job to install floorboards and he'd been reading online about the problems with a chipboard underfloor. The fact that the purchased pine boards didn't have any Tongue and Groove meant he had to fix the boards straight to the chipboard - which most often has a moist-repellent surface on to which no modern adhesive holds. We told him so.
A half an hour later he called again: the chipboard in situ was of the old-fashioned type, so he was confident he could glue the boars down.

Question: chould he use normal PVAC wood-glue for this?

NoAnswer: Nooooooooooooooooo
PVAC wood-glue is suitable to glue the T&G's of floorboards, NOT to fully bond the boards down to the underfloor. You need flexible ashesive for this, such as Basicol STP750 or Mapei Eco S955 and use the correct nothed trowel.

You can read more about the correct way of fully bonding a wood floor in the "Wooden Floor Installation Manual"

Another call last week came from a couple who'd just had a new pre-oiled wood-engineered Oak floor installed and were wondering about the maintenance. If they'd purchased the floor from our own company they would have received the standard maintenance leaflet, explaining when and how to do this.
After we told them the first application should be applied after 30 days, followed by once every 4 -5 months, the the asked if they could - in between maintenance applications - use their steam-cleaner on it.

Answer: Nooooooooooooooooo
No matter that the steam-cleaner manufacturer states it can be used on wooden flooring: don't! Water - especially steaming hot moist/water and wood do not agree with each other. It will damage the surface and could even effect the bonding between the top layer and the back layer of your wood-engineered boards (or if you have parquet flooring the bonding between the wood and the underfloor).

You can read more about the correct maintenance practises in the "Ultimate Maintenance Guide" - containing pictures of damaged floors by steam-cleaning!

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The 5 most popular finishing products

The most popular category in our accessories are the Fitting & Finishing materials: everything you need to install/restore your wooden floor.

We thought it would be a good idea to list the 5 most popular products from this category below

5th Place: Restoration Pack Oak

5th Place: Restoration Pack Oak

A "bespoke" pack containing everything you need to restore appr 10 sq meters of Oak parquet flooring, includes the extended "7 easy steps" guide - and comes with a discount on all individual product prices

4th Place: Wood-filler

4th Place: Wood-filler

Wood-filler, to mix with (clean) sand dust and fill small and/or large gaps between your parquet blocks or mosaic fingers.

3rd Place: Basicoll PU-650SE

3rd Place: Basicoll PU-650SE

The very economically packed flexible adhesive, just 2.5 kg per "sausage" - ideal for small restorations and/or additions to existing parquet floors. Highly recommended when there is UFH involved too.

2nd Place: Tropical Combo

2nd Place: Tropical Combo

THE finish to use for tropical wood-species: first coat of extra thin oil, followed by 1 coat of HardWaxOil - available in 4 sheens. We combined both products in our "Tropical Combo" for your conveniences.

1st Place: Saicos Premium HardWaxOil

1st Place: Saicos Premium HardWaxOil

The most popular product by far in this category: the easy to apply 2-in-1 product for a natural long lasting finish of your natural wooden floor, available in 4 sheens: ultra-mat, mat, satin-mat, high gloss PLUS Pure (non-visible finish).

Finish your floor in one day!

Saicos Premium HardWaxOil is produced in accordance with the latest scientific researches regarding the best treatment of wood.
It is a professional and easy-care natural wax finish for all interior wood, environmentally friendly and complying with the natural demands of wood. It is based on natural raw materials, is moisture regulating and allows the wood to breathe (like the human skin). The wood retains its natural beauty.
Environmentally friendly - no biocides - no preservatives - safe for children's toys

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Discovered a parquet floor - how to restore

One of the questions we recently received:

Dear Wood You Like

I have just discovered under carpet a floor of oak wood blocks (in a herringbone pattern and in a generally good condition). The location is the hallway (approximately 9 square meters).

80% of the blocks were loose so I have lifted them all and cleaned them as much as I can, however I haven't been able to remove the bitumen (which is generally only a thin layer) that held them to the concrete floor.

Once I have relaid them I would like to sand and satin a lighter more even colour.

My questions are:

  1. What can I use to re-stick them to the floor that will ensure adhesion, ease of application and fairly quick use afterwards. I have had variuous suggestions that include: Everbuild Pink Grip grab adhesive; Everbuild 908 DPM; Ruberoid syntheprufe; Laybond L17 Woodblock. What would you recommend of these or of any other product?
  2. What dye/stain product would you advise?
  3. What method of gap filling (and product) would be best?
  4. What sealing product to maintain a hard wearing finish?

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Mr G.B.

Our answer:

If there is only a thin layer of bitumen left on blocks and underfloor it is best to use Basicoll PU-650SE  or STP850

Reclaim300Be aware that the residue of bitumen will increase the time it takes for the adhesive to bond properly. Normally it takes around 6- 8 hours, it could take up to 24 hours or longer when there is bitumen involved. So be careful when walking on it and when sanding the floor.

As for the finish layer, we recommend a natural HardWaxOill, this gives a long term protection and a natural look, no matter what sheen you use. It stains and seals the wood in two layers - no other products needed.

For filler (to be mixed with sands-dust of the second sanding) we recommend a special wood-filler

Hope this helps to restore your rediscovered parquet floor, a valued possession in any house!

See also our Wood Floor Guide:
"7 Easy Steps to Repair/Restore Your Parquet Floor"

"If and how your parquet/mosaic floor can be restored without sanding" - new guide

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E-guide Wooden Floor Installation Manual in ongoing offer

Ongoing Offer

Anniversary Offer

We've now reduced the price of the Wooden Floor Installation Manual (the E-version) from £ 17.97 to
£ 12.55an ongoing discount of 30%

So, if you ever thought of installing your own (quality) floorboards, this is the time to purchase The E-book on how to do this with the least effort and the best DIY result! Installing a wooden floor isn't rocket science - all it needs is some common sense, patience, the right preparations at the right time and of course quality materials and the right tools. Wood You Like's Installation Manual for Wooden Flooring covers it all: including tricks of the trade to install your own floor like a professional!

And for quality floorboards, you know where to go: select the floor type you prefer most from the extensive range Wood You Like can provide for you.

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Exterior wood protector

Wood is a beautiful and versatile product, used in a large variety of products for both in as outside your home. From furniture, natural wooden flooring, internal and external beams and supports to wall/roof cladding and decking.

It breaths, shows its natural character and is one of the rare products that - if treated correctly - becomes even more beautiful with time.


UV-Schutzlasur Aussen GBSAICOS UV PROTECTIVE WOOD FINISH EXTERIOR is based on natural vegetable oils. The natural raw materials penetrate into the wood, keeping it sound and elastic and avoid wood becoming dry. Allows the wood to breathe therefore the moisture can evaporate and shrinking and swelling will be reduced.


Can be applied on all exterior wood which is to be left “natural“, ie: wood panelling, undersides of roofs,Wooden gardenrn  furniture, summer houses, outside windows and  doors , fencing etc.

Coverage and Drying time:

Coverage: Appr 13 sq meter in 2 coats per 1 ltr (= 10 sq meter per tin of 0.75 ltr for two coats)
Drying time: Approx. 6 - 8 hrs. (depending on air temperature and humidity). Dust dry after approx. 4 hrs.

Second coat can be applied after complete drying. 

Now available in our secure webshop!

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When others let your DIY-plans down

You've done your home work, read and studied all there is to know upfront - in this case our "7 Easy steps to repair/restore your parquet floor" - ordered the needed materials and arranged the suitable sanding equipment from the hire centre to be collected just before the weekend.

Only to discover when you collect the sanding equipment the sanding belts available don't go higher than grit 80 - where for an oil finish you should finish with grit 120 and for varnish/lacquer with grit 150.


That was the story one of our DIY-clients told us over the phone: what should he do now, would grit 80 be enough for his parquet floor he was restoring and could he apply the tropical combo as planned?

Not really, grit 80 as last sanding can produce a rough surface plus sanding lines - every grit leaves sanding lines, the lower the grit the more pronounced they can be. These sanding "errors" will definitely show once you applied a finish layer. Grit 120 will smooth down the surface and remove the sanding lines of the lower grits.

Our client considered himself between a rock and a hard place, having to invest in another day of sanding hire and trying to find the correct grit. But in the end he did find the needed grit and reported an excellent result on his parquet floor restoration.

Be aware when you hire sanding equipment the accessories are also those you definitely need, don't accept lower grits than ordered or arranged - it will come back to hunt you in a less than satisfactory result.

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