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Who wants black or white

There is something to be said to add colour to your wooden floor, Oak especially takes well to coloured oils. Although every board - with its own character - will react differently to the applied colour, you can lighten or darken the boards/blocks now with Saicos HardWaxOil White or Black.

Example of Oak with white oil

You can decide after the application of the first coat if you want your floor to be even wither or that it is just as you want it. If the latter, apply one coat of Premium HardWaxOil natural to finish it.

You could even create your own white or black-wash, going over the freshly applicated oil with a cloth - followed by again one coat of Premium HardWaxOil.

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Hattan now online

The exceptional European Oak - manufactured in Europe too - top quality Hattan range is now available in our secure webshop.

The 20mm Hattan, with its 6mm Solid European Oak top layer, can be installed almost anywhere no matter what subfloor/underfloor there is. Due to its total thickness of 20mm it can safely be installed directly onto joists - as long as the joists are no further apart than 35 - 40cm.

Its "thinner" cousin - the Hattan 13mm - has a 4mm Solid European Oak top layer, as well as the same quality water-resistant-plywood backing. This quality floorboard can even be installed over your UFH system - if it is embedded in concrete/screed.

Every floor in the Hattan range comes with 5% discount on orders over 25 sq meters, plus - again on orders over 25 sq meters - free delivery, so double gain!

Htn963 oak caswell room   Hattan Calland 9323602 interior 3  BacisOakRustic

Order your Hattan floor today!

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The ease of maintenance of oiled floos

One of the most often asked question is:

"I'm told that when I opt for an oiled floor I have to re-oil it every 6 - 12 months, is that really needed?"

Most of our clients know we always favour oiled (pre-oiled or oiled on site with Saicos Premium HardWaxOil) floors, because this finish lets the wood breath while protecting it against moist and dirt, plus it shows off the character of the wood-species so accurately. 

That an oiled floor needs rigorous maintenance is a misconception, kept alive mostly by those (sellers) in love with lacquered finishes.

For once and for all:

An oiled floor does not need to be re-oiled every 6 - 12 months! It does need a polish or liquid wax treatment once in a while (depending on traffic say every 5 - 6 months, gradually reducing this to once every 8 - 9 months). You only have to treat those areas of the floor which are frequently walked on and not - as one of the questions related was told to someone by a lacquer sales person - every inch of the floor to prevent it from drying out.

Re-oiling is only ever needed when you restore the floor - due to heavy damage, scratches or discover a floor which has not been treated for a very, very long time - and plan to sand the wood down. Only then does a oiled floor - becoming bare wood again - needs a new oil finish.

Ecoline Pflegewachs Spray 1 GBModern maintenance products make it ever so easy to apply the regular - feeding - care you treat your floor to. For that reason we started selling the Saicos EcoLine Wax-Care Spray as best selling product the minute it became available. What is easier than - after vacuum-cleaning or sweeping - spraying the liquid wax on to your wooden floor, then to spread it out with a polish applicator or none-fluffy cloth and immediately see the result of this simple treatment?

This product can also be used on varnished/lacquered floors without making it slippery, a great advantage for those who don't know or remember what type of finish their wooden floor has.

So, do yourself and your wooden (oiled) floor a favour: remember to treat it once in a while with a maintenance product and stop worrying about the time and effort it will take. Plus send those keeping the misconception of oiled floors our way - just direct them to this article - in order to stop this ridiculous notion once and for all.

All an oiled floor needs is regular maintenance - NOT re-oiling.

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Why stain a tropical floor?

Sometimes a question arrives which we truly have to anser according to our own principles:

"We got a reddish coloured floor in our house and want to lighten the colour - how do we go about this?"

 To be honest, more often than not we tell them it would be a shame to change the wonderful natural colour of the wood-species. Once we inform them of the nowaday prices of tropical wood floors most are then (although some reluctantly) changing their minds.

  Merbau mosaic, tropical wood

Restoring a original tropical wood floor will add value to your property and we can highly recommend Saicos Tropical Combo as the best finish.

For those still wanting to change the appearance of their tropical floor: think about adding a light rug to the floor which keeps the value of your floor intact (for instance when you sell your property the new owners could appreciate the original floor more than a stained one) and gives you more of the "design-style" you were after at the same time.

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